Buyers and Shipping...driving me crazy

  1. I know that its the holiday season and folks want to give stuff they buy on eBay for Christmas but people are driving me crazy. As I recently discovered I am responsible if the package doesn't get there I have been sending fedex ground.

    I had a woman in my city buy a bag from me. She wanted to pick it up but I don't believe in meeting folks with merchandise. My ad said that the bag would be shipped fedex ground unless buyer asked for another service. I emailed the woman and said that the bag would be shipped on Sat. I actually managed to get in out on Friday but on Monday she emailed me asking where her bag was...she said she had waited for it all day on Monday and had I shipped it on Saturday as promised. I emailed her the tracking # and said you will have it on Tuesday. I explained that this time of year except for overnight shipping no one would guarentee one day.

    I had another woman asking for her package, that she wanted shipped priority, 2 4 hours after it was sent.

    My favorite was another woman who waited 5 days to pay. She actually asked me after purchasing my item if I would take 25 dollars less and waive the shipping as thats all she had in her paypal account. After she paid two days later she emailed me about her item.

    I ship right away as I know people buy things and are anxious to receive them. These people are crazy!
  2. I think buyers around this time are crazy. I've had TONS of non-paying bidders and buyers making unreasonable requests.

    I just sold an item yesterday morning- the buyer bought it, paid immediately, and I shipped it about an hour after she paid. She chose the option for Priority Mail (even though there was an option for Express Mail), but because it's Christmas time, I emailed her to make sure Priority Mail was the method she wanted to use, and explained that the item would take 2-3 days to get to her. She wrote me right back and said Priority Mail was fine. So I sent it out and came right home and wrote her a message with the tracking number and the method used. She wrote me TODAY and asked if I could go back to the post office and change the method to Express Mail because she thought about it, and remembered she's leaving for vacation Wednesday (yes, tomorrow) and it's a Christmas present for her daughter so she needs it for Christmas. I even double checked with her! Some people...
  3. I just had a buyer at the other side of the country (I told her, I'm in Michigan and you're in Oregon, so it may take a while this time of year) take 3 weeks to pay. Still, she chooses parcel post. Priority was only $10 more (heavy item - 25 lbs). Then, 2 days later she wants to know where her item is. :rolleyes:
  4. :lol: I'm sorry to laugh, but seriously!!
    I especially love the part about her asking if you can go BACK to the PO and change the shipping method.
  5. That's funny, My Purse Addiction!
  6. I don't know about you guys, but the post office lines are insane, I have to ship something international tonight and I'm not looking forward to spending an hour in line.
  7. Yep, long lines here too--and I live in a fairly small town! I used to live in NYC and seriously the lines would be an hour, sometimes two hours, at this time of year. :wtf:
    I got really, really familiar with online postage then and stopped selling internationally for a while (sorry intl buyers, I sell to you now!) because I literally did not have time to hang around the PO for hours. (You have to hand an international package to a postal employee, you can't use the drop boxes anymore, and your carrier won't take them.)

  8. Is she insane???? That is toooo funny! :roflmfao:
  9. Hey, at least they aren't asking for more of a discount if they buy from someone else's auction.:wtf:
  10. I had one a few yrs ago that bought an item on Dec. 23rd, then said, Oh, since it is Dec. 23rd, you should give me free express shipping so the item gets here in time. This was like a $25 item, it would have cost more than the item to ship it express. So I shipped it priority as stated in the auction, it took 5 days, I think Christmas was on a weekend that year or a Monday and they had bought the item on a weekend night.

    Then EVERY SINGLE DAY until the item arrived, I got a long, ranting email about how I had ruined this person's Christmas, after which I received a glowing feedback.

    I just had another one this past weekend keep threatening my feedback because I had shipped to the "wrong address" when HELLO...that was the address THE BUYER gave me. When I explained it to the buyer that that was the address they had given me, they said yes, but it was still my fault because they wanted to change their address in eBay but didn't know how.
  11. Wow, now that is one confused woman there!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    She, really believed that you could go buy the Post Office and change......
    Also, here is food for thought, this woman also drives a :nuts:CAR!:nuts:
    That the really scary part.:yes::yes:
  12. There must be an full moon lurking on eBay :devil:
  13. I am debating putting my ebay store on vacation tomorrow at 9 AM Eastern time until Christmas.

  14. I KNOW! It scares me that there are such idiotic people out there- and they're actually functioning in society!!! I wrote in another thread about a buyer who just paid me last night (after NO responses to my multiple emails)- which happened to be 15 days after the item ended. I was ONE day away from getting to close the unpaid item dispute when she paid- then requested FREE upgraded shipping because she's afraid the item won't get to her in time for Christmas. Maybe if she'd paid two weeks ago it wouldn't even be an issue!!! I don't know why I bother selling around Christmas.
  15. O.K., so here is my story...put Chanel bag on eBay. Person buys bag within seconds of auction closing. Next day, has remorse and insinuates that if they don't like the bag's condition, wants I know what is coming. I ship bag Express Mail (USPS) to unconfirmed address (did not know this was a BIG no-no). Bag arrives, buyer says condition is poor (even though I posted photos of condition of bag, outlined condition in description; never asked for more photos because they waited till last minute), bugs me for two days for refund. I finally relent, because I was aggravated and it is the holiday season, gave her refund moment bag arrived back in good condition.

    Now, here is my problem. I filed dispute so that I could get FVF back, without negative mark for either me or buyer (transaction not completed and buyer given refund). Buyer will not respond to dispute. How long does eBay allow before they will refund me the fee, since I have already refunded buyer? I don't want to get slammed with a $50 fee because I have already made out in negative (due to increased shipping costs that I did not pass on to buyer)...I am afraid it may take a while:s