Buyer wouldn't give me his address?

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  1. So I had this buyer from Greece with only 1 FB but paid straight away.

    When I went to view order detail for his address, there was a message saying "The buyer has changed or deleted this address from the system. Please contact the buyer for the correct postal address". So I contacted the buyer and say could you please give me your current postal address so I can ship it to the correct add and he messaged me back with his post code, country name, city name and village name. I messaged him back saying that I'm gonna need your street address as well. He messaged me back his country name, city name and village name again, no street name or number. However, this time he spelt his city and village name differently. First time was "Thessaloniki, Aggelohori" and this time it was "tesaloniki, agelohori". Hmm...I think I'm getting little frustrated.:girlsigh:

    Could some please tell me what to do? Should I just ship to his paypal address(it's the same address as the one in my "view order detail")? This is taking way to long, the buyer takes 2,3 days to reply one message.

    Or does anyone speak Greek? Maybe you can translate for me?

    I don't know if it's language barrier or the buyer is just playing around with me?:sad:

    Thanks guys:flowers:
  2. Did he pay via paypal? I'd contact them and see what they say. Could be a scammer.
  3. ^ i completely agree. if his address is nonconfirmed w/ paypal and you ship it and they're a scammer and they file item not received you will automatically lose
  4. Hi, I can speak and read greek if that helps. Some places in Greece and islands are small villages and may not have a street address.
  5. lorihmatthews, ntegragsr93-yeah he paid by paypal, not sure if he's a scammer coz it's just a car tool that costs no more than $200. But again, he does spell his first name in three different ways.

    moi et mes sacs-yay! you speak greek! this buyer's paypal does have a street address tho.
    could you please ask him if his paypal address is the correct address or he doesn't have a street address? or just message me what he would like me to write on the package.
    thanks babe
  6. Ok I will PM you a message, obviously it will not be greek characters so i hope he understands. If you PM me the rsponse Iwill translate.
  7. Pm will state.
    Is yoUr paypal address correct? It does not match the address you have given me. That one has no street address and number. Please tell me to which address I should send. Thank you
  8. im thinking its just a case of 'lost in translation' ... hell, there are some places in rural aust that dont have street numbers!
    and the spelling discrepancy is prob just him trying to spell in english, right?
  9. Thessaloniki agelohori was how I would spell it but the postman would understand both....
    I speak French you may have guessed from my user name :rolleyes:
  10. thats so cool! wish i could speak another language! what nationality are you? sorry to hijack!
  11. Thanks moi et mes sacs, got your pm.:tup:

    Perhaps... but his paypal address does have a street name and number. It was named after date and month. does this sound right to anyone? Did he make it up for paypal since he didn't have a street address? It was ebay that's showing the message of "The buyer has changed or deleted this address from the system. Please contact the buyer for the correct postal address." Not paypal. Both address were the same tho.

    I'm very confused right now...Don't know what to write on the package!
  12. Update:

    I sent the buyer another message with his paypal address in it along with moi et mes sacs's translation saying if it ok with me posting it to this address. Buyer replies "hi, all is ok". hmm... I guess it means his paypal address is his correct full address? man with few words...

    thanks again for your help moi et mes sacs. xxxoooooo
  13. Hi I have been so busy so just read the last few posts. They are very patriotic so they like to name streets after historic events. It is usual.
    Have you sent it OK then?
  14. hey there. yeah, the post office hasn't returned it to me yet lol, which is a good sign i guess. only can hope for the best:wlae:
  15. I just want to add that I sent a package once to an old village something and didn't have street, number, nothing just the buyer's name, village and country and it arrived safely. Like many here said, as long as it is confirmed with the payment you should be fine.