Buyer Won't Remove Negative FB Left By Mistake!

  1. As a fellow seller on eBay, I absolutely HATE how eBay just kills it for us.

    They expect so much from us, charge us ridiculous fees, only to deny almost every single request we have.
    In turn, they are completely Lopsided in their treatment of the buyers. Yes we get it that the buyers pay you, but they wouldn't have anything to pay you for if not for us. Oh, and we pay you too. Ugh!

    It pains me to hear of your seller issues. I really really hope they get their act together!
    Please keep us all updated and I hope they fix this simple, yet tedious (because of their silly policies!!) problem soon!

    Good luck OP!
  2. Okay, I sent her a very polite message just noting that I did forward her a FB revision request and also--in a SUPER NICE WAY--noted the FB she accidentally left me is a policy violation and that I just wanted to give her a heads up for when she leaves the right seller the negative feedback. I hope she responds. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow afternoon I'm calling eBay again and asking to speak with a manager. IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! Lol...

    Thanks to everyone that is taking the time to read this and offering me sympathies and advice. I really apprciate it.
  3. Ugh, how frustrating for you!

    Once when I had a nutty buyer eBay said that if they had a message in their system that showed that she would agree to a feedback revision that they could do something about it (basically the buyer giving consent or admitting that the feedback wasn't right). The messages you have show this. Keep calling eBay until you get the answer you want. Unfortunately it's hit or miss with which rep will really go the extra mile to help you out.

    Keep us posted and if you don't mind sharing her ID, I think a lot of us would like to avoid plain idiocy. :p
  4. Well just hope for the best... the buyer sounds like she is overwhelmed & doesn't

    know how to handle this as probably being embarassesd that she made such

    a whopping error... hopefully she'll do the right thing if not you will just

    have to call ebay again... sorry that you have to endure all of this
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    Okay, great news. The buyer went through with removing the feedback!

    Phew...this was annoying but ended well. She sent me a very brief message that she actually called eBay also to clear up that she didn't know the specifics she wrote about her claim with the other seller was a violation of FB policy. Thanks to everyone for your help, sympathies and thoughts. I really appreciate your time and words. Thank, you, thank you, thank you!

    BTW: SNADBay is crazy! I called three times. The first time I was told they had to review the FB and could not instantly remove it, the second time I was told that since a CSR had already looked at it and flagged it and NOT removed it that they could not remove it and the third time I was told that it could be removed but it had to be flagged again! Luckily, it was removed by the CSR that helped the buyer--while I was on the phone with another rep, lol. Ahhhhhhhhhh, lol!
  6. Awesome!! Go you!

    Glad I hear it all worked out!!!
  7. Glamgirly I'm glad you got that FB fixed. How much more frustrating does Ebay
    customer service have to be??? Don't they realize that poor CS is hurting thier bottom
    line? It's crazy to call them and get different answers to problems!
  8. They are just sooooo inconsistent! It's hit and miss with them and PP. Seriously, you should NOT have too keep calling or trying to get "the right person" in order to get help. Everyone should be trained to do the exact same thing and give you the same service. The fact that I hear people say, "I was sooo lucky to get a nice CSR" makes me sick. Everyone should be nice...or at least professional and well-trained!

  9. SO true!

    Glad it ended well for you!!
  10. I'm so happy for you OP..I know first hand how important that FB rating is. So glad your buyer decided to finally step up and take responsibility for her actions. I still think I would block her from future purchases. :p
  11. Please tell me you blocked her from any further damage. It would be great if you would share her ID either here or on the BBL thread.
    I am glad she finally stepped up, but she put you through stress that was totally unnecessary.

  12. YAY!!! ANd being persistent pays off....
  13. LOL!
    Absolutely perfect quote...can't wait to use it!
    Glad it all worked out for you!
  14. I'm REALLY happy this worked out for you!

  15. Ebay is sooooo bloody ridiculous. I detest them. I really, really wish another Mark Zuckerberg type comes along and creates something that is truly an ebay competitor.

    I spent over an hour on three different phone calls on the weekend with them and my frustration level was through the f'ing roof. They outsource their calls to places where people don't speak great English and no one there ever gives the same information as the last person. GAH! My blood pressure is starting to rise just thinking about it.