Buyer with 1 positive feedback ($0.01) BINED my $495 worth Wallet - What to do

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Hello all,

    I just have had a buyer bgoh BINed my MJ wallet for $299. This buyer only has 1 positive feedback with a purchase of $0.01 ($3 postage) for a cell phone cover from Hongkong. Usually I would block bidders with low feedbak from my auctions, however I must had forgotten to do so in this listing. The buyer sent me an echeque via PayPal then asked me about the "anticipated arrival date" for his purchase the next day. The zipcode provided on his postal address is also "weird", it has a NJ zipcode but with extra number at the end ie NJ 07302-5440. Is this a legitimate zipcode? What should I do in this situation to protect myself? I am very nervous about this buyer.
    So far I have no trouble with overseas buyers as they are high feedback buyers or very informed buyers, but I only had a handfull of International transactions. My experience and knowledge about selling designer bags on Ebay is very limited and I am very grateful for your opinions, thoughts and input in this matter. Thank you in advance :flowers:
  2. I would stay away. Thats just me. I would not consider that a real transaction.
  3. Yes, that's a legit zip code. A lot of areas have the extra 4 numbers at the end. I do at my address but I never use it.

    Don't send the item until the echeck has cleared. They take much longer to clear than other payments.

    Make sure you send the item insured with signature confirmation because it's over $250. This is eBay/PayPal policy. You should be protected under their seller protection if you're shipping to a confirmed address.
  4. Just wait to see if the e-check clears and then ship with signature confirmation and insurance. You should be fine.
  5. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought all zip codes had the extra 4 numbers at the end, we just never use them. I live in 2 different addresses during the year and both have the 4 digits at the end...i also know my parents address and my old address had it. So I wouldn't let those 4 numbers scare you away.

    After that, while it may be suspicious, I wouldn't worry too much. As long as you make sure the check clears and ship with delivery conf/sig you should be ok. Perhaps consider taking several pictures of your item before you ship it so you can closely document its condition. Also consider getting a tyvek band to loop around the zipper pull or something so that once it is taken off the buyer can't return it or try a bait and switch.
  6. I agree. In fact, as long as the e-check clears you are actually in better shape than if they paid by credit card. From my understanding, buyers can do CC chargebacks but most check payments are final. Inform the buyer you will send tracking info as soon as the check clears, ship with tracking and signature confirmation and stay in contact with the buyer. Then be sure to leave feedback about your experience and give them a good start on their Ebay experience. Everyone has to start somewhere! Hopefully this is just a legit newbie with good taste!
  7. Yep, as far as the zipcodes, I think the last four digits indicate a more specific area or zone of the original zipcode.
  8. The zip code is fine- as another poster mentioned, all zip codes have that four digit number which narrows down the address further but hardly anyone uses it (only postal workers care,:P).
    Make sure all the funds are cleared in your paypal account before shipping.
    As a buyer, I had a lot of trouble with an e-check from a seller who was reimbursing me for a returned item. It bounced and paypal had to wait three business days to "try again" to hit the account. With weekends, it took me almost three weeks total to get my money back.
  9. I'd just tell the buyer when the echeck clears, you'll send the item via the method listed. Good luck.
  10. Yep, I agree with the others. You're actually best protected as a seller with an echeck anyway, so as soon as it clears, ship with confirmation to a confirmed address and you should be good to go.
  11. I always use the +4 on my zipcode, since it helps the post office zero right in on my address.
    That being said, do as everyone here suggests.
    I think this is a legit buyer. We all started with 0 feedback and he probably started out with something inexpensive in order to get a "feel" for ebay.
    Good luck with your transaction.
  12. I understand why your nervous, but I wouldn't worry at this moment... Everyone started with NO feedback in the beginning, so everyone should get a fair chance!
  13. I never use the extra four digits on my zip code because I can't ever remember it:amuse:. Like everyone has said, let the buyer know that you will ship once that check has cleared.
  14. Yep. :tup:

    An additional requirement for seller protection to apply is that the item must be shipped within 7 days of receiving payment. I have not used echecks so I'm not sure how long they take to clear.
  15. They take 3-4 business days to clear if they are within the US and the seller is within the US.