Buyer who registered TODAY bought my item!

  1. I've had this book listed for a few days, well, this buyer bought it, ZERO feedback and he/she just registered today!

    Paid with paypal with confirmed address.

    I'm still very nervous about this!

    Should I cancel the bid?
  2. I always contact a new ebayer with little or no feedback, inquire as to whether they know how eBay works, provide my phone #, make sure they are registred with pay pal so they can pay seamlessly. try this and if you don't like the answers you get, by all means cancel their bids. I say something like "thank you for choosing my auction as your first eBay experience", so I would like to help you get your first positve feedback"....every person has to start somewhere. now, if it is a high priced item, i may just cancel their bid....
  3. It's only a $35 textbook, but I'm still scared of all the hassle it could cause. I decided that I'm going to get the contact info from eBay tomorrow, and contact them. They asked me to ship it out tomorrow, so I can call to confirm the address and let them know it's going out. I'll feel better knowing their contact is legit.

  4. Its possible that they signed up today because they saw your item and wanted to bid on it. I have had quite a few of those and had no problems!
  5. ITA. It sounds like your buyer was looking for the item, found your listing and registered just to buy it from you.

    My experience with 0-fb buyers for the past year has been great. Some are even better than the ones with many feedbacks. I wouldn't worry much. Your buyer already paid you and the address is confirmed. Should be a smooth ride.
  6. Since they paid right away I wouldn't worry!
  7. i don't see the problem. they bought, they paid, we all started at zero !
  8. So far it sounds like the O Feedbacker is doing great. He/she bid, won, paid and has a confirmed address. Give them a chance, it sounds like they're fulfilling their half of the deal. We all had to start at zero once.
  9. If they have already paid with a confirmed address, that's great!! What else can they do? Don't worry about it, send them the book. New buyers usually start with inexpensive stuff so they can build up their feedback. ;)
  10. I also agree, most of my zero feedback buyers have been great, I've only had one that didn't know what they were doing and couldn't figure out how to pay me...Since yours paid, you should just go ahead- this is a time in the semester when people start getting desperate to get textbooks that they think will help them pass.
  11. I have met several zero feedback buyers and many of them they are great. Just make sure send the book to a confirmed address with tracking.
  12. One of my co-workers had an ebay account previously - she didn't use it for a while so therefore her accouont became inactive, and wanted to purchase an item so she was advised by ebay to open a new account. She now has 0 feedback, again.
    I said all this to point out that some 0 feedback buyers are truly worth selling to.
  13. This one sounds like a good one, remember when we all started at zero? Do all you can to train her right!
    Good luck!
  14. Thanks for putting me at ease. I think reading all those horrible stories (mostly about high-end stuff) got to my head! *whew, you guys are the bestestestest!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  15. I also wouldn't worry. If you want extra peace of mind, go one step further than delivery confirmation and require signature confirmation. It sounds like everything will go just fine!