Buyer who Leaves NEGATIVE F/Back to nearly every seller ?? :-s

  1. My mum sold a peice of clothing to a buyer everything went smoothly, then out of the blue she gets a neutral feedback for no she goes on the buyers f/back and sees that she has lots and lots of negs because she is leaving EVERYONE negatives and neautrals for no reason. Isnt this so immature ?? why would someone do this unless they are mentally ill :wtf:
  2. Unfortunately lots of mental patients do their shopping on eBay. Then there are those, who no matter what, will never ever be satisfied. You just can't please some people no matter what.
    Tell you Mum not to worry and make sure she leaves her own comment under the neutral.
  3. omg haha lol :roflmfao::roflmfao: you are totally right
  4. how annoying. I swear eBay people really suck sometimes.
  5. She needs to be reported to ebay. And this is why a seller should NEVER leave feedback first.
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Publish the buyer's id so we can block her.
  8. ^^^ita
  9. if anyone wants the ID just PM me :smile:
  10. I had a nut case who left my one and only negative response. She was weird. What happened is that she bid on an item and then kept emailing me and emailing me and emailing me forever. Then I finally stopped responding. So then after she bought it, she wanted a refund but I was gone out of town over the weekend that she wrote me and I was thinking of ebay and then when I got back she left me a negative. So I ACCIDENTALLY left her a positive. It was completely by mistake as I have never had to leave a negative and clicked the wrong box. But I sent her an email and told her that I left her a positive becuase I was a better person than she was and that she was sticky like hot gum on a bleacher. I was glad that she would never contact me again after that.
    I swear I didn't do anything to hurt her or cause the negative feedback. I just didn't answer her email cause I was out of town! I did see that she had left negatives for other buyers.

  11. Agree :yes:

    Anyway, I guess she's sick!!! Enjoy by left - or neutral?? :yucky:
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. Didnt your mom check the buyers feedback before she sold the item?
  14. Too funny. Your mother should leave this comment under her neutral!!
  15. I just had someone say I am a wonderful seller, quick shipment and item as described and they left me neutral. I checked her feedback and she leaves everyone neutral. WTH