Buyer wants to Western Union my payment?

  1. Okay, I'm not sure what to do about this. I had a buyer (a week ago) win a handbag; on the day payment was due (3 days after auction end, per my instructions) she did Auctiva check-out and said she was paying by personal check. So I've been waiting for the check in the mail. Yesterday she emails and says she wants to pay via Western Union. I emailed back and said I thought she'd already paid via check, since that's what the auction checkout said. She said she hasn't yet but "wants to pay by check and send it Western Union." She also mentioned that it's been a "crazy week" :s . The thing is, I've never done Western Union and it's not in my auction method of payments. I'm also a little peeved she 1. said she'd paid via check already and 2. didn't ask about the Western Union thing before. Is WU a big hassle? Anyone have any input on this? Thanks!
  2. No hassle at all..

    Actually it's just accepting cash because you are a seller. You can pick up $$ almost immediatelly. The buyer will have to give the MTCN and you can pick up the money at WU agent by showing your ID.
  3. As long as you don't ship until you physically have the cash in your hands, it seems like it would be fine. It is a pain, though, having to change your plans. I think usually you need your drivers licence and a utility bill or something similar to pick up payments.
  4. Are any transaction fees deducted or any issues with currency conversion such that you end up getting less than you expect?
  5. Western union is actually better for the seller - the buyer pays all the fees that way and you get cash. And there's lots of Western Union outlets in the U.S. (usually a bank or 7-11 type place.)
  6. Western Union is great you get cash immediately & no waiting for a cheque to clear. Just make sure that she sends it in the correct currency for you or you could end up losing out on exchange rate.
  7. Thanks all! This helps a lot. I appreciate it!
  8. um, western union method of payment has been quite susceptable to scamming lately........
  9. Really? How so?
  10. no hassle at all.
    the moment the buyer send u the money transfer control number, u can go to WU's representation and get the money in cash right that moment
  11. As long as you wait to receive the actual check/draft from Western Union, and then ship after, you should be OK. In fact, it works the same way like a regular check, it's just more convenient for the buyer as she can use her credit card to pay online and purchase that check. That's the only difference.
  12. I love Western Union. I don't have to pay seller's Paypal fees, and I wait to ship until after I go to the western union office, and I actually have the cash in my hands.
  13. Well, just as an update, this lovely buyer has yet to send the payment or contact me again since asking about the WU. I told her I'd take it. She was supposed to pay *last* Wednesday :shrugs:
  14. hmm.... maybe u should ask her if she intents to pay atl all or u'll relist the bag.
  15. seahorse we think alike... that's just what I did!:boxing: (<---- I've been wanting to use that little smiley)