Buyer wants to split payments??

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  1. I have a potential buyer that would like to purchase a $3500 item. She wants to send a check for half and pay the rest through PayPal. Is there anyway to do this? If she BINs, doesn't have to pay the invoice in full through with PayPal.
  2. She does not have to pay through PP.

    If you have it set for immediate payment then yes, she has to pay for it all immediately.

    Unless things have changed with PP, it is not in her best interest at all to do this as she does not have buyer protection if she does not pay via paypal in full in one payment.

    If you do this, I suggest asking for a certified cheque. A cheque for the full amount would be best for you, the seller. Be sure you use signature confirmation on the package.

    Why can't she put the money that would be in chq form into her paypal account and pay you in full from there?
  3. I would not take a personal check at all anymore; have her send you a postal money order. They can't stop payment on those. If she wants to pay in two payments, up to her, but I do believe she loses buyer protection, but you as a seller are okay.
  4. I would ask her to put the funds into PP and pay it all from there. You're still not 100% protected from a scammer though as so many other threads here will testify.
  5. So, there is no way to do this? I would not send the item until the check cleared, her checking account is not linked to her Paypal account. This is a business check and her Paypal is linked to her cc and personal checking. Thanks!!
  6. I would be very cautious... $3500 is alot to put in possible jeopardy..

    Would request a postal money order or a certified check

    If she is spending $3500 that seems a large sum not to have all the money

    to be able to pay in total and when would the 2nd part of the payment come

    Out of curiousity, is this a domestic or international transaction???
  7. hotshot -
    She lives in California and has over 400 feedback. I just don't know how to accomodate her through EBAY. It doesn't matter to me what kind of check - I just won't ship until it has cleared and my bank lets me know. With high end items I can understand that some people want to split payment betweeen cash and CC so I don't think that is suspect.
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  9. As a seller, I don't think you have anything to lose here... like you already mentioned, wait until you can confirm with your bank that the check has cleared and by splitting the payments, the buyer loses paypal protection...a win-win situation for you as a seller.
  10. As long as you wait till the check has cleared before you post you will be fine as far as I can see.
  11. I guess I'm not explaining this correctly. I don't know of a way you can can split payments on EBAY and that is what she wants to do. If you BIN you have to pay in full and can't split payments. My original question was - can you BIN on EBAY and use 2 forms of payment?

  12. Can you contact pp & ask if that can be done & how you would

    go about sending a new/corrected invoice for payment...

    The buyer wants to pay with a cc & let's say a check or for that

    matter 2 different cc..
  13. To my knowledge you cannot do this through ebay. The only possible way would be through two different PP invoices. But why doesn't the buyer just use the money she would pay through a check and transfer it from her bank into her PP account, it may take a few days to show up in her PP balance but it would be a more simple solution.
    Then she could pay through the ebay invoice, using the balance in her PP account first and then pay the rest on a CC.
  14. You can't split payments through ebay. You would have to send her a money request through paypal for the amount agreed upon. In the request you can reference the ebay item number and still set the request up as an 'ebay goods' transaction but it must be done through paypal directly, as there is no way for you or the buyer to do this through ebay checkout. If you do take a check, definitely wait for it to clear. A cashiers check would be more favorable. I would ask your bank specifically when you deposit it, at what point is the check considered cleared.

    Edited to ad- you can not split payments through ebay in terms of her using her bank for half and then putting the other half on her credit card. If she had an ebay gift certificate, that is the only way I can think of that would allow her to use two forms of payment.
  15. There are two types of BIN -

    BIN with immediate payment required, where the listing doesn't end until the buyer pays in full
    BIN without IPR, where the listing ends when the buyer commits to buy, but she can pay later (just like an auction).

    Which way is your listing set up?