Buyer wants to return

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  1. I sold a pair of Louboutin open toe wedges on eBay recently. They are a size 39. I'm a 8.5 to 9 in US sizing. I can fit the shoes fine and I have wide feet. Buyer states she is a 8.5 but can't get her feet into the shoes at all and wants to return. My listing states I do not accept returns. This is my first sale on eBay. Should I grant the return or stick with my listing and not accept the merchandise back?
  2. Did you list the shoes with (what you considered to be) comparable US sizing?

    IMO, shoes that are only marked with EU sizing should be listed that way. I wouldn't try to convert my self because different brands (in any items -- shoes, dresses, blouses, jeans) size their items differently and someone who wears a size 39 in one brand might take 38 or 41 in other brands.

    If this were my transaction, I'd take the return and relist using only the manufacturer's sizing as shown on the shoes. You might even include a comment to the effect of "different brands of shoe sizing run differently. Be sure you know your size in CL shoes."

  3. I did. I stated the EU size and stated the size it would best fit according to what I know about the sizing.
  4. Whether she'd win a snad dispute or not, it's hard to tell but the bold-faced, underlined part could possibly be your undoing.

    If you stated that it would fit 8.5 and she claims it doesn't fit 8.5, you might lose the case.

    I'd take the return only list them as marked forcing buyers to verify their correct size in that style. And if you say that in the listing, it gives you more leverage in a dispute since you aren't claiming they'll fit a particular US sizing.
  5. IMO the problem lies with Ebay's sell your item form. Providing the US shoe size is required thereby forcing a seller to convert. I wear a 39 in Prada so when I search I type Prada 39 into the search area. Some sellers convert a 39 to a 9 others to an 8.5. When selling I too put the European size in the title. I also include measurements. I state nothing as to how the item will fit. If someone asks me I will give an opinion but other than that I try and stick to just the cut and dried
  6. I've always considered 39 to equal 8.

  7. For me it is an 8.5
    But I have found Prada to run pretty good size wise. Loubs on the other hand vary greatly in my experience.
  8. My point is that trying to offer a conversion (when the manufacturer doesn't do it themselves) is, IMO looking for trouble.

    OTOH, on Uggs, their labeling shows sizing for US, EU and Japan. In that case, I wouldn't hesitate to use their numbers as no one could claim SNAD when the manufacturer assigned it.
  9. Well, until the online sites come around ( ebay isn't the only one) and provide Euro sizing dropdowns or stop requiring US conversions sellers are kind of stuck
  10. Well, earlier I informed the buyer that I would grant a refund but I jus so happen to click on her name and she now has my listing word by word listed. I'm getting a little afraid that I will not receive my item back. I did inform that I would not grant a refund until I receive my item back and have inspected it.
  11. Yes, I find this particularly frustrating on Tradesy where they force you to convert. In that case I make sure I use tradesy's size chart so they can't come back at me.
  12. Good grief. ALthough she ended the listing, she not only plagiarized the description but she stole your pictures too.

    Seriously, if she thinks she can make $175 on them, why is she even complaining? And with 63 listings, she's an experienced seller.

    Even though the listing has ended, I'd recommend reporting through this link: