Buyer wants to return Suhali bag after having it for 3 weeks & using it on a trip :(

  1. Oh ugh!
    My daughter has sold a bag to another horrible eBay buyer and I could really use your help!:crybaby::crybaby:

    My daughter sold her brand new, mint condition Suhali bag, to a gal who has had it for 3 weeks, used it on her holiday trip to Europe and today emailed my daughter today saying the clasp is too hard to use.

    She said she will do a chargeback on her credit card if we don’t refund her money.
    My daughter used the money from this sale to purchase her xmas items and I think this is totally unfair.:tdown:
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Oh I’m so frustrated!!!
  2. Did you put tyveks on your bag?
  3. Do you have proof (in the form of an email) where she states that she used the bag? I really think that ought to help your case. This buyer is full of BS, and her conduct is unbecoming and unprofessional, and ultimately despicable. Write a clear concise letter to paypal stating that the buyer bought the handbag, used it, did not contact you for three weeks, and is now trying to return a bag she blatantly used.
  4. As long as she has the corresponding email, I would show that to paypal or whoever is viewing the dispute. She can't use the bag and then decide it isn't working for her. I don't think she has a case at all. It just doesn't work that way. Sounds like she wanted a bag for her holiday and now is ready to return it. I am sure your daughter is in the clear....
  5. Keep the emails where she states that she used it and threatened a chargeback. If she paid through paypal, hopefully your daughter shipped to a confirmed address, and followed the shipping rules according to the seller protection policy.

    You shouldn't have to take the bag back, since she has used it and you don't know what kind of condition it is in now. I hope it all works out in your daughters favor....keep us updated.
  6. I sorry I do not know what tyvek's are?

    My daughter really accomodated this buyer.
    She ended the auction early for her.
    Took off work to have it overnighted becuase of some trip to Paris this woman was going on and this came as a real surprise that she would want to return it.

    Yes we shipped to confirmed paypal address
    She has saved her emails which are coming thru the eBay message system and not her email. I don't think the eBay messages allow you to capture the header and email info that paypal may request.
    Does anyone know how to get the headers from the ebay messages?
  7. I think you will be fine. Make sure to forward all of your correspondence to paypal. I know it's a pain to deal with, but this buyer doesn't have a leg to stand on.

    Gosh forbid the mother teach her daughter a lesson and explain to her ebay is not a store and most importantly you cannot return a used item simply because you don't really like it anymore. Not a shock though, they probably treat retail stores this way too.
  8. Thank you Bella:smile:
  9. Yes, pretty sure you have no issues to worry about. Don't let the buyer push you around.
  10. All the above advices are great! This is too horrible. Please keep us posted.

    You could fine the Tyvek tags at stores sell party goods. Those paper tags have numbers. You could seal them on your bag's handle and mark the item numbers, sign it with dates to prevent switching or return after usage. Always take photos with Tyvek tags on the bag before shipping. If you do a search on the forum, you could find some information about Tyvek tags.
  11. Since the emails have come through eBay, they will have whatever info they need, as the buyer had to log into eBay to send the message from their account. Don't worry about this.

    I think this may be the worst eBay return story I've heard so far. I'm really sorry you're going through this.
  12. yeah I agree with others
    coz she using this bag during three weeks

    it's unacceptable to accept bag return
    coz ebay or personal transaction same apply as the store policy!!

    unless if there is something wrong its bag, this buyer need come to LV boutique to fix it!!
  13. wait a minute

    u said 'Suhali' and 'the clasp'??
    is this Louis Vuitton bag?
    there is no clasp there?!?!
  14. ^^I believe the clasp stands for the pushlock. There are plenty of Suhali line bags that have pushlocks. =)
  15. You should also have a clear return policy saying that you do not accept returns for any reasons other than authenticity!