Buyer wants to return my authentic LV wallet

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  1. OK, sold my LV wallet on *bay, Yea, then keep getting emails from buyer --are you sure its authentic? Finally I email her the sales ticket and get another e-mail today asking for a return!! How can I convince someone it is real? This is so funny--she has the real deal for a great price and won't accept it!!! I really do not want to return, especially for the reason of authenticity--how can you prove it when the buyer accept nothing in proof!!! Can I submit to "autheticate this" on the Purse Forum after the sale?
  2. Yes of course you can have it authenticated here... post the link and then you can forward it to the seller to reassure her. Most likely, she is having buyers remorse.
  3. After trying diff things I now must admit I don't know how to add a link--any body want to direct me to the info?

    Also --who is responsible buyer?/seller? in this whole authentication thing? If I say no return what is my recourse? Will Paypal etc accept the sales ticket? Would you just accept return or stick to your guns? I am thinking about sending a letter saying--Be honest, if it is authenicity you are concerned about I am going to do everything I can to assure you its real, if it is money problems, lets discuss that.
  4. Jean... you cannot post your own auction. You can however upload photos of the LV item that you sold to an album in photobucket and then copy/paste the link to the album here

    TBH, EbAY/PP typically side w/ a buyer. BUT, in cases where authenticity is questioned.... SOMETIMES PP will require that a buyer obtain a written 3rd party opinion. So, your choice as to whether you wish to accept a return or not.
  5. I know you're eager to sell your wallet, but sometimes it's better to refund these troublesome buyers. She should have asked about authenticity BEFORE buying :confused1:.
  6. I would ask the buyer--- is this truly an auth. problem.If she says yes if you cannot figure out how to direct her here you can also have caroldiva auth. it for you.All you do is email her with the item number ---even if over--- and she will confirm it is auth. for $6. That may give your buyer the peace of mind she needs...if it is really to do with the auth. issue and not just buyers remorse? Also just keep in mind their are times no matter what you do you will not be able to make someone keep anything they really do not want..KWIM..Too many issues here on the forum you see when sellers MAKE the buyer keep the item....good luck!!
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    Do you mean you don't know how to post a link, in general?

    If so, you post a link by left clicking on the text in the address bar (the area where you enter the website address) of the page you want to link to, which highlights it and then you right click on the highlighted text and select 'Copy'.

    You then go to the tPF page with the post you want to post the link on (or wherever else you might want to post the link) and right click, again, this time selecting 'Paste'.

    As Ellie says, you aren't allowed to post a link to your auction, yourself, but your buyer can do it for you (and for herself!), if you give her the link to the Authenticate This LV thread. :yes:

    I would certainly continue to insist that the wallet was auth and would try my best to convince the buyer, by asking her to ask about it here.

    This is because, otherwise, you might receive an unwarranted neg for selling a fake.

    For me, it wouldn't be about trying to force the buyer to keep something she didn't want, it would be about making sure she knew the truth. :yes:

    You could do that, but you might run the risk of offending her, if she has genuine concerns about authenticity... :s
  8. And let's hope you don't get back a fake wallet if she returns it! (if you have had yours authenticated here and are super sure it's authentic) Also it might be worth sending the pictures to Carol Diva to be sure it's authentic and you could send your buyer the letter.
  9. Thanks all for your helpful comments, and yes, Chloehandbags, I needed that linking info. I know the wallet is real cos I bought it myself in a LV boutique inside a high end dept store. That is why I am so frustrated. I am going to assume it is an issue of proof of authenticity only and do everything I can to get her to feel good about the purchase. I am also afraid of getting a fake one back, as I didn't put on a security tag like I do on handbags. I will keep you all posted.
  10. ^ No problem! :flowers:

    Best of luck, Jean and please keep us posted! :biggrin:
  11. I would not take it back, you sold an authentic wallet and if her claim is that the wallet is fake then she has to prove it.