Buyer wants to return MJ bag says Too stiff!

  1. I just recently sold a MJ small black MP on eBay. I had bought it from eBay and it had been authenticated and I knew it was real because I was familiar with the bag. I sold it because it was too small for me and the lady that bought it wants to return it because she says it is too stiff and the inside is not what she expected. The inside was immaculate and the leather very soft and it has the serial tag in it. I offered refund only if it was not real MJ because I knew it was real, I would never sell a fake and would never own one.Now what should I do? I suggested she resell on eBay if she was unhappy but I was not going to do anything. I did not misrepresent bag in any way!!!This is the first time I have had this problem and do not know what to do???
  2. Hay maggie!
    That's a real bummer-get ready for a ride...

    I had this happen and it was buyers remorse. They filed claim in Paypal as a SNAD - then when it appeared that was not going to go their way they stopped that proceeding and went with a chargeback. I indicated all sales final and can 10000% percent guarantee bag was authentic(+ receipt) and meticulously described it and still LOST. They pulled the funds and I had to pay for the chargeback. Buyer was 0 feedback and I will NEVER do that again...buyer had bag since the end of July and I just got it back and of course the price tags and bag tags had been removed. It is easier in the long run to just take the bag back and refund and block the bidder... JMO:smile:
  3. I agree I also put no returns but i say if your really unhappy for some strange reason i think we can work something out. If i have to i will just return the money its better than getting negative feedback. i gues.
  4. I bought the bag from ebay not a month ago and it is exactly as described! She can file a claim the money is not in paypal anymore . I did nothing wrong and will not be bullied by ebay or this woman!
  5. Stick to your guns, at least for now. eBay is not a store where people can try out merchandise and send back anything they don't love. Buying anything sight-unseen is a risk and she took that risk when she bid.

    It doesn't sound like she is claiming it isn't authentic, so it's up to her to sell it if she doesn't want it.
  6. Good for you - hopefully it works out!! Ebay can be so fantastic yet so horrible too.
    When there are so many fakes floating around it irritates me to read about buyers pulling this with authentic goods.
  7. ^^ I am concerned she would send me back a fake, not my bag!!:cursing::hysteric::yucky:
  8. I'd be afraid too. If it's really buyers remorse & not a switcheroo maybe she'd be willing to ship back the bag & you would refund upon receipt & examination to make sure it's your bag? That's what stores do-no refund till the actually get & inspect the item, if I were she i wouldn't have a problem doing that - unless I were a scammer of course.
  9. ^^ I feel she bought it , it is hers. If she does not like it list it on ebay and resell like I did!!
  10. ^^ me too - I actually bought an elise that's beautiful but I think too big for me, not asking seller to return it - it's now my problem & if I ultimately don't keep it I'll list it on ebay myself.
  11. I emailed ebay and spoke of this problem. I have purchased several Marc Jacobs that were not quite what I wanted and resold them rather than make an a"" out of myself!! She stated she owned MJ bags and the leather on mine was stiff, a mp of all things, squishy as it could be!!!That is her bag and she can do what she will with it, I gave her # of item where I bought it from. There is NO way she can say it is fake unless she is scamming me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing::censor::rant::mad:
  12. I agree with forenfinal. Once I realized that a buyer of mine was going to win any paypal claim she put in - as told to me by a paypal rep (she also was not a fan of the leather) I simply let her return it. It was stressful and I was mad but what can you do?

    There is a way to file with ebay (not an NPB but like an NPB, I think) where you click on the box that you and the buyer agreed to a refund and that the buyer has returned the bag, and eBay will pay you your final value fees back.

    I had the same problem another time with an MJ bag but the person tried to file the dispute after 45 days (who owns something for 45 days before they decide they want to return it.) But luckily once I explained to the buyer how to sell on eBay so that s/he could resell the bag it worked out OK.
  13. ^^ Thanks but I will quit ebay before I let this woman win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The biggest thing is to communicate as positively as possible. I realize you indicate you would quit ebay before she wins...just realize that quiting is kind of like cutting your own nose off. She still wins. That will just make her think that there is some reason you dropped least that is the impression I would get. Do what you will but feedback will be there either way. If you quit and come back - the feedback still follows... YOU and I both know this is a bag that will defintely resell. (It is the sm black MP right?) Take it that she is an idiot and resell it yourself ~ maybe this time you will get more out of it?!? I know how frustrating this can be - but honestly it is really not worth the haggle in the long run. It is easist to just get the return and resell. Be sure to block her from bidding in future auctions and when she leaves feedback - which will hopefully be positive as you have provided great customer service by accepting the return - leave her feedback as she paid promptly but did not agree to complete the transaction. Seriously - do you want to let her get over on you and drop Ebay?? Be the winner and get your bag back and let it go to someone who will appreciate it for the MJ that it is!:yes: We love ya here and know you need to voice frustrations (we all do) but don't view it as she is pushing you around. You are simply getting the bag back to sell it to a better buyer! :heart:

    BTW PM me with the buyer name and I will block too-nevermind I will look her up.
  15. Ugh how annoying...I don't get people. Recently, I received 2 shirts that didn't fit like I thought they would but I resold them myself, I didn't expect the sellers to take them back.