Buyer wants to return Bag bought in September!!

  1. I have this person wanting to return a Linea Pelle messenger bag she bought from me in September. She says she's just worn it recently, that I can understand cause I have bags I've not tried either after having them awhile, and that she can't adjust the strap to fit her properly.

    She wants to return it for a full refund! :wtf: This was my reply:

    "I'm truly sorry that you don't care for the bag. However, I cannot take a return after this amount of time. I would suggest that your best bet is to resell the bag yourself. You should be able to get what you paid for it, as I recall you got it for an amazing price. Best of luck and thanks!"

    Was that the right thing to do? I feel guilty kind of, but I don't know why? I gave her a great deal because she bought 2 bags at the same time and I also gave her a great shipping price. Do you guys think I should take it back?

    Thanks for the advice in advance.
  2. you should not take the bag back she got it in sept and NOW she wants to return it. Your responce to her was good
  3. I agree with the previous post. To much time as passed.
  4. That is ridiculous. You are not a store.
  5. I don't think you're being unreasonable. It's been 3 months for goodness sake. Most department stores have a 30 day return policy, so I would venture to say that 90 days is too long.
  6. You did the right thing, she can probably sell it easily enough.
  7. Definitely. After a couple of days, I'd consider it but that's way too long!
  8. your buyer is simply annoying and very inconsiderate of other people. if i were she, i wouldn't even ask the seller as it is just beyond common sense and it will surely make a seller feel uncomfortable and probably bothered, I would just list the bag on eBay or since it's christmas, she should just give it to the charity or something and stop bothering you.
  9. You definitely did the right thing- you're not a store! Even stores wouldn't take it back after 4 months.
  10. Absolutely not! I am stunned that she would even contact you after all this time! I think that you definitely did the right thing, I would not take the bag back.
  11. I laughed out loud when I read the title of your post!! This person is completely insane and inconsiderate. You are not a department store!!!
  12. Do not take it back. Too much time has passed. Unfortunately, for her, this situation is her problem.
  13. I don't think that you should take it back and I think that your answer to her was gracious.
  14. Honestly, I never heard something weird such this thing. It's already passed 3 months and it's not your mistake if she can't adjust the strap. I agree with you, ask her to resell it.
  15. Thank you all! I feel better now. I don't know why it even bothered me.

    She did write back and was fairly pleasant so I guess the drama is over, thank gawd! But I just can't BELIEVE people sometime! Plus, all my listing do have the final sale blah blah blah on them too.