Buyer wants to pay by western union?

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  1. Scam? Apparently her PayPal is having problems. I replied saying PayPal only and I will cancel the transaction if she can't pay by PayPal. She's now come saying she will pay by PayPal later today, even though I've already requested cancellation, although I now see the eBay will only credit the final value fee back if the buyer agrees the cancellation. Any advice? It's a high value designer bag I'm selling.

    Thanks very much!
  2. Why didn't you take WU? You're completely safe in that transaction, it's your buyer that risks everything. I mean, it's very decent of you to insist on Paypal.
  3. True, I never thought of it in that way!
  4. Aaorin is correct. The buyer pays WU cash, gives you the MTCN number (money transfer control number), you go to WU and collect the cash and ship the item. There's no risk to you as a seller because you get the money before shipping.

    The only way there's a risk to the seller is if you ship on receipt of the MTCN but before collecting the payout.

    It's only if it's an invalid tracking number that you can lose anything but since you get the money first and then ship, there's no risk to you.

    An added benefit to you is that you save on PP fees.