Buyer wants to pay by friends and family

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  1. Hi
    I have a buyer who want to pay via friends and family - to save her fees. The transaction seems to 'easy' and I am worried I am being scammed - not sure how but it is for a high value bag - is there a way whereby she can pay friend and family and then do a chargeback once I've sent the item?? Thanks for the advice
  2. I wonder why she'd want to pay via F&F. Shouldn't the fees be yours to pay and not hers? As far as I know F&F only benefits the seller :thinking:
  3. The buyer isn't saving herself anything since it's the seller who pays fees. And the buyer also loses any protection they normally get as a buyer.

    If she can make her payment with a credit card (and I'm not sure that's possible with a F&F transaciton), I think it might be possible to do a c.c. chargeback.
  4. I wouldn't trust anyone who would so readily cheat the system. I wouldn't trust them not to try and cheat me.
  5. Does the buyer want to pay or is the seller hoping the buyer will do so and if there's any risk to the seller?

    Honest buyers AND sellers don't do this, especially when the item is listed on a site that earned a fee.

    And, BTW, although the buyer would lose buyer protection on Paypal, they still have protection through ebay (or whatever site).

  6. Agree with that
  7. Thanks guys
    I'm the seller and I've given her a price for the bag but she wants to pay less for it so has asked if I can take the 3.5% fee off so the price is cheaper for her if that makes sense.

    My item is 100% genuine and I would always send the item as tracking - I'm just a bit scared that she is trying to scam me if i do it that way? As in once I've posted it can she recall the money even though she pays by friends and family?
    Im just a bit dubious as to why she would want to save such a small amount for a big payment?
    Is there any way of her claiming funds back?
    Thanks again :smile:
  8. That's what I think too :smile:
  9. Thank you :smile:
  10. That's what I thought too, thanks
  11. I'm the seller and I have agreed a price with all my fees involved but she has now asked to take another % off that price and pay friends and family so she will be paying a smaller amount. Hope that makes sense. I'm a totally honest seller.

  12. That's what am a bit dubious about also, thank you

  13. If it's a charge back you're worried about, she can also (and probably more likely) do that via an "invoice purchase".
    I have no idea if she can do a charge back via F&F, but as far as I know, F&F has no buyer protection whatsoever, 'cause it's intended for money transfers between friends and family and not for trades.

    As a buyer, I would never pay via F&F.
  14. Hi thank you - yes it's a chargeback that I'm worried about or any other form of refund. I'm just a bit dubious as like you would never pay F & F to save 3% so I'm just a bit worried as to why someone would and whether there would be any benefit to them?!
    I normally send my bags to consignment and so new to this and although it can be slightly more expensive going to consignment I can understand why their service is so valuable as there is none of this worry!! Thank you again
  15. It "could be" that the buyer just want to save whatever she can save and has no intention of scamming you whatsoever. It also could be that she completely trusts you and doesn't expect you to take the money and run.
    Or, maybe she has no idea that F&F doesn't offer buyer protection at all, so she doesn't know that if you end up not sending her the bag, she would be SOL.

    I'm just thinking out loud here :biggrin: