Buyer wants to meet up for local pickup at boutique

  1. I have a potential buyer that wants to do a local pick up. He wants to meet at the boutique to get the bag authenticated first then pay. He hasn't bid on the item yet. And I didn't put in the listing that I do local pick ups. I know for local pick ups you should take cash only-- no paypal because no traceability that drop off was made. Should I do it? The bag is authentic, of course, because I purchased it myself from the outlet. What would you do?
  2. I say - why not - you are in a public place and you know the bag is authentic... might be kind of weird to do the exchange there (I would do outside) - but paid in cash ? heck ya!!
  3. It sounds kinda creepy to me. I would not be comfortable doing that.
  4. After a bad experience with a customer pick up i would NEVER do it again.
    Taking the bag into a boutique is not going to help either as the boutiques are not allowed to authenticate bags. If you get a nice SA they may allow you to put it next to the ba in the shop but that is all!
  5. I've done one local pick up, because the buyers lived literally two miuntes from me. We met at a busy starbucks, and he paid cash and all was good. Granted, this was for some MAC cosmetics shirts and not a bag. But overall it was a good experience for me.
  6. Not every boutique will do the authentication for walk-in customers. I don't think this is a good idea.
  7. I had a buyer once who wanted to pick up a bag in person. She told me this after the auction ended and I didn't say local pickup in my auction. She then said she wanted me to give her a discount on the bag because she wanted me to say to eBay that we agreed to mutually not complete the transaction! (Her rationale was that I would save on eBay fees and I should pass the savings on to her!)

    Did I mention she lived at least an hour and a half away?

    At any rate, I refused because I didn't feel comfortable with the whole thing. She then refused to pay for the item because I wouldn't give her a discount. Long story short, she must have done this with several sellers because she's no longer a registered user.

    So, I personally wouldn't meet someone in person.
  8. I've met with a buyer in a public place and the transaction went just fine.

    He's putting you in an odd position though. What if the boutique employees refuse to look at the bag? Will he agree to pay you anyway or does he figure he can just walk away and waste your time?
  9. I met a seller for a bag in a public place. We discovered through emailing each other that not only did we live in the same city, we worked in the same building, so we met in the lobby of our building at lunchtime and I paid cash. As long as you meet in a public place, you should be fine.
  10. I've done in-person sales on two occasions. They paid in cash, no problems.
  11. I would do it but I would tell her ONLY CASH. Paypal takes a while to clear just like the personal check.
  12. Whoa, I had the same thing happen with a bidder. I refused too.

    But some boutiques won't authenticate, like people said, so if you are going to do it call in advance.
  13. I would check with the boutique first to see if they will authenticate verbally, if so then I would see no problem with meeting the buyer there and have them pay cash. I have been on both the buyer and seller end of local pickups and they have both worked out just fine.
  14. I sold a rare LV bag I personallly purchased from LV boutique but lost the receipt to a buyer. The buyer claimed that she brought it to her local LV shop and they said it is a fake and wanted to return. Since I wasn't very experienced by then, and I had no receipt to prove its authenticity, I let her return. Then I had CarolDiva authenticaed it for me and relisted it. The second buyer was very happy and left me a great feedback.

    I heard many boutiques hate eBay, and some of the SA would say to walk-in customer the authentic bag is a fake (they knew those bags brought in were purchased from eBay), or simply refused to authentic them, even verbally.
  15. Thanks everyone for your input! I emailed the buyer and referred him to the forum for authentication since there's no telling how the boutique will receive us. As for local pick up, I told him cash or us post office money order, meeting place tbd if he does win the auction. wish me luck!