Buyer wants to do local pick-up - Is this a good idea?

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering what you guys thought of having a buyer do a local pick up? The buyer lives in the same area and is willing to pay cash. Upside is saved shipping fees and paypal fees. Potential downside is what if the buyer changes her mind if she sees the merchandise and doesn't want to buy, then I'm out my time and eBay fees. What do you guys think? Good idea or bad idea? Anyone have any good or bad experiences with this?

    Any comments would be sincerely appreciated!! :p I really look forward to what you guys have to say.

    P.S. - Just in case, any one is wondering we will be meeting in a public place and I'll be accompanied by the bf. So, no worries about ending up on a milk carton just yet.... :yes:
  2. I've done a few pick ups and have never had any problems. Australia is not America though (I assume that's where you're from?). I've heard horror stories of counterfeit money. in the US..yikes! If it's a lot of money, then maybe you can get them to put the money in your bank before picking up the item.

    Pickup in a public place with your BF is an excellent idea!

    They can't just change their minds because they've entered into a contract by bidding on the auction. But, if they *do* change their mind, it's better they do it when they pick it up than filing a Paypal claim against you.
  3. I've done this before, and it was totally fine. The girl lived near me, and I just met her across the street from her house. She had paid with Paypal, and I waived the shipping cost. My husband did this as well with a painting. He didn't want to risk damage in shipping. He drove an hour to get it, and he said the woman selling was really nice and normal.
  4. I've done it twice and both times the people who came were really kind... and brought me authentic Canadian currency! I admit though, I was pretty nervous both times, I really don't like doing it. I know it would defeat the pupose of saving on fees, but maybe she could pay you with Paypal first, then you could meet her?
  5. I've done it before and never had a problem. I figure if someone wants to harm someone / defraud someone with fake money there are easier ways of doing it than registering for eBay and meeting me face to face so I have no problem identifying her when I go to the police to report the fake money. :smile:

    Think of it this way - if you meet her and she doesn't want the purse, you're not out several days and shipping like you would be if you mailed it to her.

    As long as you're in a public place I don't see any problems. If you see something funky in her feedback or your gut is telling you not to meet her, just tell her your work schedule prevents you from meeting her and mail it out.
  6. ive done it a few times as the seller and buyer and it was great. if you're worried about bad money go to staples or an office supply story and buy a money pen that you can use to check it. i did this when someone paid me 1500 in cash for a necklace and it worked out fine.

    i also like to bring 2 copies of the auction. i sign both and have the buyer sign both and date it. the last time i had a witness sign it too (my doorman). that way if the buyer complains with eBay i have some sort of proof.

    i think you should be fine!
  7. ^^ Great advice

    I must admit local pick up makes me nervous but the two times it has happened it has been fine - I am a great believer of trusting your gut with a person! :yes:
  8. Hi Guys,
    Thanks so so much for all of your advice. Everyone of the purseblog is so fabulous! There were so issues I didn't even think about. There's just that uneasiness about taking it to a one-on-one level. And I'm definitely going to bring copies of the auction and ask for a signature. Great advice!

    Luckily, the amount is only $80. Even more lucky, the buyer set up a meeting and said keep a look out for a white-haired lady "of a certain age" in a floral dress. :biggrin:
    I have a good feeling about this! Thanks for every thing!
  9. I sold a gold Tiffany necklace and the buyer wanted to pick it up... she came to our office with cash (and her BF.) Everything was fine...

    One time, I noticed that a buyer lived a few streets over from me, and I offered to drop the item off, in her mailbox, at her house! It would have taken me longer to go to the Post Office. I never met her in person, and I didn't want to, I just dropped it off... partly because I was new to ebay and wanted my feedback and I knew I would get it faster than waiting for the item to get delivered by the mail. :smile:
  10. i just did a local pick up and everything worked smothly. In fact, i was willing to let her try on (it was for a JC track suit) the item before actually agreeing to buy it.

    as long as your are comfortable with the situation and have deduced that the buyer seems like a decent person go for it!
  11. I've done it before though by husband wasn't too thrilled. He came with me and I met the guy at a local store parking lot. To me it was so much easier as the item was a gamecube. I didin't have to worry about it arriving in one piece, etc. They guy arrived with his family, I gave him the item and that was it. He had already paid thru paypal and left me great feedback too.
  12. I am doing one today for tickets I sold for an event Wed night. We are meeting at a post office... Remember, cash only for pickups. & we all love cash (no paypal fees!)
  13. Have done it twice in a railway station (like Brief Encounter but more commercial and no kissing!) with another person present. Both lovely people, both easy sales, both encouraging experiences!
  14. i was actually quite hesitant of local pick ups before, but since my boyfriend has done it a couple of times with no problems, i'm kind of warming up to the idea. people who buy and sell on ebay are just normal people like us! :yes:
  15. I have done it quite a few times were the buyer actually came to my home, the most recent item was for a expensive coffee machine which would have been very difficult to post. Also last year i sold some antique furniture and obviously with furniture you really have no choice but to let people into your home, that is how i see it anyway.:confused1: