Buyer wants refund - should I?

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  1. I sold a bag on ebay last night, sent the invoice to the buyer this morning. Received payment in full via PayPal. Just got email from the buyer that her daughter's friend purchased the bag using the buyer's account (without permission) and the buyer is out of work and cannot afford it; please refund the money.

    I checked her feedback as a buyer, she has 43 transactions (purchases) in the last 30 days, all positive. How can she "not afford" my item if she's made that many purchases in the past month?

    I am concerned about just sending the bag, though, because she can refuse delivery, reverse payment, etc with all the buyer protection that ebay and PP offer...and then I'd be doubly screwed.

    Should I just give the refund and wash my hands of this? Is there a way for me to give negative feedback to warn future sellers?

    Thanks for any advice...
  2. It is probably best to just refund and relist. You are right that they can just refuse delivery which most likely will mean you will wait a while to get the bag back OR they will open a dispute and send it back and that too will take some time to resolve. If you refund at least you will be able to resell it sooner.

    You can not leave negative feedback for the buyer or negative hidden in a positive, eBay will remove it.
  3. Ouch!! Sounds like buyer remorse here. I am so sorry you have this problem OP. I would be worry with the outcome with this type of buyer. I know it's frustrating but I would just refund and give her the NPB strikes she deserves. Blocked her ID also. Good luck!!
  4. The buyer didn't pay by echeck or anything, did they? I wouldn't refund until I was sure that the payment was cleared, but if it is you can refund immediately and be done with it. Better now that in 2 weeks when the buyer sends it back for another reason. ;)
  5. ^^Agree.
  6. Make sure she agrees to the mutual first.
  7. I wonder if she paid first to avoid having a non-paying strike..
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    Possibly. On the one where the buyer did the chargeback, I could not open an UPID because she had paid. So she did not get a strike or anything. Luckily I recalled the bag.
  9. No, she paid via PayPal and the money has cleared. I agree that it's probably best to deal with this now and not have to worry about it for the next week or two.

    Thanks so much for the advice everyone!!
  10. I'd just refund, do a mutual cancellation so you can get your fees back and second chance offer it to the next bidder.
  11. Agree with the others, I'd refund too, sending the bag will cause all sorts of problems.
  12. Refund is the way, but remember cancel the listing to get your FVF back, also buyer can leave feedback for you (be careful with that).
  13. :yes:
  14. I would refund (easier in the longrun) but make sure she accepts your mutual cancellation BEFORE you refund. I'd tell her that as long as she's willing to cancel the transaction you are fine with a refund. But just make sure you get your fees back before you give her that refund!!
  15. You can open a whole new can of worms by insisting that the buyer accept mutual cancellation before refunding. Send her a note saying that you will certainly refund and that you will then open a UPI, because that is what you must do to get your fees back. Explain that there will be no adverse effect on either one of you that way.

    Many people just get their back up and refuse to accept if you say that they must agree before the refund.