Buyer Wants Refund For Bag and Shipping

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  1. I shipped a bag to Italy recently and the buyer is claiming that the bag was poorly packed and as a result the bag has "small damages" on the metal logo snap closure and part of the leather on the front of the bag. The buyer wants a full refund including shipping. The bag was in perfect condition when I shipped it, and was wrapped in a cushioned protective sleeve with packing peanuts around it. The box I used was small enough so that the bag really couldn't move around much while it was in transit. The buyer just received the bag yesterday and contacted me immediately. I'm not really sure what to do, as I have shipped numerous items overseas, all packed similarly, with no issues. The buyer has kind of been difficult in other aspects, but I'm trying to be objective about his concern. He wants a full refund including shipping if he returns the bag. I really don't think I should have to refund his shipping. I also stated in my listing that all refunds are issued less shipping fees. (which I know means nothing to PayPal if he files a dispute) Should I refund the bag and the shipping if he returns it? Of course the first sentence of his email stated that "he doesn't want to leave negative feedback, but...". So he's playing the feedback card. Any advice would be great!


    Vicki :smile:
  2. REFUND ONLY the price of shipping NOW to get it back...and wait for handbag. Then when you have the handbag, decide if you will return ANY money at all. Say you are giving money for return give the $10-20 to get it returned, when you see it, it may not be as you sent it and you will know if the buyer hurt if or if it was from shipping.
    It shows to Paypal you are working with the buyer and it doesn't make you give up really any money and maybe that be ALL you give back, but at least you will have the bag back and you can decide what you want to return and its in your hands not theirs.
    This is what I would do. Many times when there is no return policy, people damage items on purpose, so get it back to see what is going on...when its can give half back or what you think...
    Hope this helps
  3. Also, Paypal will back you if you show good faith of trying to get it returned, then decided not to give refund if its NOT like they claim.....
    if you give a partial refund, even if its for shipping...paypal really likes this and will work with you.
  4. Well, you obviously need to tell the buyer to send the bag back to you first before you issue any refund. I agree that you should refund shipping (then they can send it back using the refund for postage). After that, you need to wait and see what you get back in the mail.

    I also had a difficult buyer in Italy... wonder if it was the same person!
  5. i would ask for detailed pics of the bag now and of the packaging in the first instance. If you are sure it was packed so well you need to see the condition of the bag now.
    If the buyer says they no longer have the packaging I would see this as a red flag.
  6. I agree with moi et mes sacs, I think you have to be super careful with scammers. Replacing real with fake etc. Just see what he says when you ask for pictures of the damage then go from there
  7. MMM.. if you were not happy with an item, you would keep it in original packaging with the intention of sending it back.
  8. Thanks for everyone's advice. Refunding part of the shipping is a good idea, although this buyer is getting more difficult... Today I received this when I woke up...

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]"Hello! Today the courier that deliver me your bag ask me 30 € for shipment!!! I payed the shipment to you! I receveid my bag in a very slow way, damaged in front and now I have to pay more for this? I bought a lot of things from USA and after the payment by Paypal, like to you, no one ask to me more money. Please, solve this problem as soon as possible..."

    He must be talking about the customs tax. Which was clearly stated on my listing that if you are an international buyer, you could be subject to a customs or VAT tax. Now he also claims slow shipping??? I shipped the item USPS express mail and it took about 8 business days to get there. This guy is starting to be a pain in my a$$.
  9. I would start being more assertive now and tell the buyer that he was responsible for any custom or duties. It seems he's trying to scam. And if he gets you to refund so much, I bet in the end he decides to keep it....

    You need to start gathering the evidence to prove to Paypal that you acted in good faith.
  10. Oh wow, what a rude buyer. What are you going to do? Tell him that the custom fees has nothing to do with you and it was clearly stated in your listing. Also has he sent you pics of the damage yet? Or is he stalling? x
  11. I think I've decided that I'm not going to refund anything until I get the bag back. He is kind of all over the place.... First the bag has "small damages" on it because it supposedly moved around too much in the box. Today he is complaining about having to pay $30 for customs fees, which were explained in my listing. Oh and the shipping was supposedly really slow... Did he want me to swim over to Italy and deliver it personally??? I don't think 8 business days is slow. I can't control the postal service. Sorry I am ranting now, but I am getting more and more pissed off by the minute.

    Here is the response I just sent:

    "We are requesting that you send us pictures of the "small damages" you claim
    that the bags has, along with pictures of the packaging. As far as the fee
    your courier charged you, you may want to refer to Italy's customs and border
    patrol. The fee you were charged had nothing to do with us. It is an import
    TAX charged by your country. As we stated before, we explained this in our
    listing, so we are not paying your taxes. At this time we will not refund
    anything until we receive the bag back, and after you provide pictures of
    the damages you claim. The bag was not damaged when it was shipped, and we
    packed it well prior to shipment.

    Thank you."
  12. That should do! I'll swim to Italy and give him a smack across the head for you! :p
  13. This may be slightly off topic, but don't eBay's new feedback rules start today or tomorrow? I'm just wondering because I'm sure this guy is going to leave me negative feedback, and the new rules only allow positive feedback to be left for buyers.... which is so ridiculous! UGH!
  14. Cool, thanks!:yes: lol
  15. No, the new feedback rules have not started yet, just the fee changes. I don't think there has been an official date set for the start of the new feedback changes.