Buyer wants refund for a crappy reason

  1. Well if she said that she doesn't care about the bag being leather or not

    that is a whole other set of new circumstances... this buyer is really behaving badly

    now.... first she changes her mind & then she now thinks that because she

    can't sell it you should take it back... she didn't object to it not being leather

    just objecting that its too young for her...and now she can't resell it..

    in the long run, just take it back.. this is a troublesome buyer IYKWIM...
  2. lol. That was exactly my point! I really think she is just reaching at this point. I even sent her my pictures so she could resell it and they mysteriously "didn't work". I really just want to be finished with it.

    Thank you so much for your opinion!
  3. Initially your posts didn't indicate that she had an issue with the bag

    not being leather... this came up only when she listed the bag and a buyer

    said it wasn't leather.. her comment to you was the bag was too young for her..

    this is a pita buyer sorry to say, and she now probably will come up with

    another reason to ask you to take the bag back..

    cut your losses while you are ahead of the game... she's already left you

    positive feedback & she could be problematic.. after 1500 transactions

    she knows how the system works..

    just correct your settings & good luck with this buyer
  4. Exactly!

    I did finally offer her a full refund. I felt bad about my mistake because I am normally very accurate in my descriptions and pictures. She's nuts if she thinks I'm going to pay for her to send it back, though. NUTS! lol

  5. That was a good decision but I would not refund her shipping at all..

    Things like this do happen but this is a example of buyer's remorse..

    She made a mistake & now she wants you to be responsible for

    her error...especially because she noted that she is OK with the bag not being leather
  6. So, I offered the buyer a refund. She says she mailed the bag on Wednesday and she gives me a tracking number. I tried it, it didn't work. She sends me a 'corrected' number. I tried it and it doesn't work. Did she mistype it again? Or am I being scammed?
  7. What's the number/shipping method? If it's a DC-only number, it won't show in the system until it's delivered, I think.
  8. Even DC will be scanned upon acceptance and arrival----------usually.

    The bad thing about DC is that it doesn't show the exact address/person sent to-----just the zip code.
  9. well, let's just hope it gets delivered to the OP
  10. I got it in the mail today. :smile:
  11. ^ everything look good???
  12. eBay seems to cause a lot of stress, I am not contemplating not using it to sell...but at least this thread has helped me ensure the no refunds button was clicked.
  13. The bag looked fine, but it smelled like it had perfume on it or something. I couldn't tell if it was perfume or maybe just the way her house smelled? I got the feeling that she was so she could have that old lady smell to her house. lol. I went ahead and gave her a refund because I just wanted to be finished with it. I'm done with eBay for a while, I think.
  14. Don't let this spoil it for you...perhaps take a time out & list after labor day &

    see how things go...