Buyer wants refund for a crappy reason

  1. I think the OP was right in this instance, because the buyer had left positive feedback and then contacted the OP to change her mind later on.

    Fortunately I spotted one of these default changes on one of my listings before I had bids on it - I shall be paying more attention to the "standard" text from now on!
  2. Okay, so here's the back story:

    Buyer purchases bag and leaves feedback saying everything is great. She then messages me 2 days later and says while she likes the bag, she feels that is to young for her and she wants a refund. I message her back saying that if there was an issue with the condition of the bag or something like that, I would have no problem sending a refund, but I didn't think "I don't really like it anymore" was a good enough reason. She messages back and says that's fine, she'll relist it. I told her she could use my photos if she wanted. We discussed this on July 24th.

    Everything was fine until I got a message today saying that she tried selling the bag, but someone asked what it was made of. In my listing I said it was leather, but it turns out it is made of something else. My mistake. Now she wants a refund again.

    Do I need to give her a refund? I mean, she had an adequate amount of time to look at the bag and make sure everything checked out BEFORE she left me feedback and decided she would resell the bag herself.

  3. Just to point out, I'm getting a message about this two weeks after she agreed to resell the bag herself.
  4. This is not a good place to be unfortunately...

    Your listing says the bag was leather your buyer found out this is not so..

    She is not able to sell it as leather & she might have to take a loss as well

    She could file a SNAD..or she could file a chargeback with her cc..

    Do you think she is fishing for a partial refund?

    Would you consider making that offer to her??

    If you don't agree to take it back and even though she has left positive feedback &

    her reason for wanting to return it in the first place was because she thinks it

    is too young for her... the issue now seems to be that the bag is not leather

    which was an oversight on your part..

    So she could have a valid claim & not that I agree with her tactics either

    but you may not have a choice in the matter now..
  5. Well, I called eBay to ask then what I should do. The guy I talked to agreed with me and said she had an adequate amount of time to check over the bag to be sure it matched the listing before she agreed to resell it. He also agreed that her having buyers remorse wasn't a good enough reason to warrant a refund.

    I completely take ownership of my mistake in the listing. However, I feel like someone with a feedback score of over 1500 should know to check over a bag before agreeing to keep it and resell it on their own. She took ownership of the bag when she agreed to keep it and resell it. I just don't see why this should even be my problem anymore.
  6. The situation is certainly complicated because she's already tried to get a refund due to buyer's remorse, but if the bag really isn't leather, and she'd expected it to be, I'd probably consider a return (IF she hasn't also used the bag / altered it in some way to resell).

    Think about it this way: what if you bought diamond earrings, and then two weeks later, in the process of having them cleaned or something, you found out they were misrepresented and were actually cubic zirconia. Even after two weeks, you'd still likely want a refund, right?
  7. If eBay is standing behind you than guess that's it..

    Let's see if your buyer does anything..

    and do agree with the above post by IrisCole..

    The bag is described as leather.. it turns out it isn't

    Do think that this was not done intentionally.. it happens..

    But the buyer may have a valid claim here despite her buyers


    Keep us posted
  8. While I understand the above situation, I feel like my situation is different.

    If I bought a pair of $500+ diamond earrings, I would have immediately taken them to a jeweler and had them verified authentic before I A) Left the seller positive feedback and B) Said "Oh, you won't take them back for no reason? Okay, I'll resell them on my own".

    I will keep everyone updated. Thanks so much for your inputs. This is just a crappy situation all around. I will definitely be more careful about my listings!
  9. IMO changing mind does not warrant a refund or any inconvenience on the sellers part. However, your original auction did state that you would accept refunds, whether intentionally or not I'm sure it is binding in the same way that any T&Cs you add to your auction are binding. Luckily for you, buyer agreed to resell.

    Unfortunately, describing an item as leather when it is actually something else significantly lowers resale value. Discarding everything that happened with her changing her mind, you have misdescribed the bag which qualifies for a SNAD. Yes, on one hand she should have checked it, but on the other hand, she shouldn't have to because the listing should have been accurate in the first place.

    If I were you I would accept that I had unintentionally made a mistake in the auction and accept a return, otherwise you risk getting a neg or having the payment reversed without the buyer having to return the bag. From the buyers perspective, she is stuck with a bag she doesn't like which won't sell for the amount she paid. As it stands, the buyer will definitely make a loss, so in a way, has nothing to lose by making a claim and escalating if you refuse a return.
  10. That would be a concern of mine as well,,, not getting your merchandise back...

    so as crappy as it is,you can wait it out & see if the buyer files a claim

    or think about saving yourself some undue aggravation & either offer

    a partial or agree to take the return...

    you have an experienced buyer here so be prepared

    good luck to you...
  11. Do you think she really expects a refund, or just figured she would try? Even if she is not entitled, gotta give her credit for at least being honest and seeing what youll say. She just has to learn thats not fair to you and thats not what "accepting returns" is for.
  12. If you listed the bag as leather and it's not, you should take a return. That's why the buyer protection program states 45 days for a SNAD, like it or not.

    What if you buy a bag and find out it's fake? You'd want to return it too, right?

    Just my two cents.
  13. I really don't think she expected to get a refund because she said "I just thought I would ask" when she said that she would resell it herself.
  14. Oh yeah I missed that part. Thats good. Not too scary an issue.
  15. I completely agree. However, she stated that she didn't care that the bag was not made of leather. She only purchased it because it was teal. It has only become an issue because she randomly decided she no longer wanted it and according to ebay, that would not warrant a refund.

    I have offered to give her a full refund if the bag is in the same condition it was when I mailed it. Although it's REALLY chapping my @ss.