Buyer wants refund for a crappy reason


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Sep 8, 2011
I sold a bag to a girl who was looking for a teal bag. It was just a simple Steve Madden bag. Nothing fancy. Anyway, she buys the bag, leaves me positive feedback and says everything is fine. A week later she sends me a message and says while she loves the bag, she feels like it is too young for her and she wants a refund.

I didn't realize ebay had changed their settings so that the "Yes I want to give refunds" box was ticked. Normally I don't offer refunds, but I understand this is my fault. I should have made sure the "I don't take refunds" box was ticked.

Do I have to give her a refund?
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Sep 8, 2011
If not - what do I say? How should I respond? I just don't feel like I should have to give her a refund because she has changed her mind.

I sent the bag on the 9th and she gave me feedback on the 14th saying everything was great. She sent me a message on the 16th asking for a refund because she's decided she doesn't like it anymore. So she had it for a couple of days before she changed her mind.
Jul 12, 2007
I would say as nicely as possible that you don't do refunds for buyers remorse, if your auction says no returns or if she is outside the return window. However, if your listing says that you take returns, you should take it even though it is a stupid reason, because eBay says that if you take returns, you should take them for any reason. She may have used the bag, as well. Do you mark your bags with a tyvek?


Jun 25, 2012
My understanding is that your listing specified that you accept returns (although it was not your intent), and if that is the case you should accept a return. The buyer should pay for the return shipping, of course, and her request should be within the time allowed in your return policy (I assume the ebay default now is 14 days?). The purse should also be in the original sold condition.

It is your choice, of course, as I don't know how ebay enforces the return policy.


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Feb 9, 2010
I think eBay may enforce this since you stated that you accept returns, albeit inadvertently. Though obviously if the bag has been used and is not in its original condition, that's a different story.


Nov 5, 2011
Can you post a link to the completed listing? If your listing stated that you accept returns (regardless of whether you accidentally checked that option or not), you should accept the return, so long as she is within the return window that was specified. Doesn't matter if you think her reason is lousy. (This assumes that the bag has not been damaged in any way and is still in the condition that it arrived in).

If I were your buyer and the listing said you accepted returns, and you refused my return, I would be pretty upset and file a complaint with eBay to enforce the policy stated on your listing. There's a reason why one of the search filters on eBay is "accepts returns."

Next time, lesson learned. Make sure to uncheck the "accepts returns" option if you don't want to give returns.
Apr 15, 2007
This is a tough one... you stated that you do take returns in your listing..

however, because you also have a message from the buyer w/positive feedback

it could go either way... why not call ebay see what they suggest & then

go from there... it sounds like buyers remorse & I overspent.. let's see

who I can return something to...