Buyer wants receipt so she can return bag to department store?

  1. Hi everyone. I sold an Isabella Fiore bag, brand new, with tags for a small profit. The day after I mailed it out, the buyer wants me to send the receipt (keep in mind she requested the receipt prior to receiving the bag). I figure she wants it to guarantee authenticity, so I agree to send her a copy. I blanked out the identifying details. Now, after she has received the bag, she says she doesn't like the way it looks on her and she says she wants to return the bag to Saks using my receipt. This sounds seriously fishy to me. I told her she could resell it on eBay or she could send it back to me (as long as its in its original unworn condition, with tags etc.) for a full refund, minus s&h.

    Has this situation happened to anyone else? Do you think its unethical to return a bag to a store (that you purchased off eBay)?
  2. don't give it to her. Plus, if you paid with a credit card, wouldn't the money just go back to you anyway? I doubt Saks is going to give her a cash refund in any case. I think the options you offered her are more than fair.
  3. Of course it's unethical, it's probably illegal, and it's definitely against store policy.
    She should be embarrassed at herself.
  4. Nope.. do NOT send it. I had someone try that with me on a coat one time. I laughed and told them that even IF they could get a store credit it would be for very very little because I got it at a tremendous discount using my Macy's Premier Club coupons.

    If you paid via debit/credit card the only thing she could get would be a store credit.
  5. It is fishy - what you gave for options are more than reasonable. I wouldn't do it.
  6. PS - and she's very lucky you're willing to refund for buyers remorse:smile:
  7. yeah, i wouldnt do it either. it sounds fishy bc wouldnt the buyer be losing money since you sold it to her at a slightly higher price...
  8. I wouldn't do it. I don't think you should. It sounds like a horrible thing for her to do and may just put her in an embarrassing situation in the end.
  9. i don't get the point :confused1: she couldn't get cash even with the receipt so at most she'd get store credit, and can't you get that without the receipt anyway?
  10. i'd just lie -- i have no ethical problem with that when it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes my life easier.

    tell her you scan documents and throw away the originals to cut down on paper clutter so all you have is a copy.

  11. genius!!!!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  12. YES, it is unethical. EBAY is not a department store!
    You were very gracious to give her the option of returning the bag.
    She can either do that or sell it on Ebay or whatever she wants to do, but NO, do not send her anymore receipts.
  13. no way!! don't send her the receipt! she should be happy that you offered her a refund...

    may i ask if you stated that you accepted returns, or if you only offered to take it back because she was acting so crazy?
  14. Hmm. since when is lying ethical at all?
    Just be honest and tell the buyer you aren't giving her the receipt. Period.
    Besides, those receipts have audit trails connected and would lead right back to you...and if she wants to be unethical and return it to a department store, she might try to return a FAKE..and there YOU are. Don't do it.
  15. plenty of times! of course for each individual it depends on how he defines ethical behavior, and then there's the cultural overlay on ethics. personally i believe all morality is relative, though plenty of people claim it's absolute.

    a fascinating topic, but probably not helpful to the OP. ;)