Buyer wants my photos to re-sell

  1. I sold a bag recently to a buyer who has decided she does not want to keep it. Since I do not accept returns, she sent me an email asking if she could use my pictures that I had on my listing to list the item herself for sale on eBay. She says it is because her pictures do not come out as nice as my pictures. Should I send her my original photos? Should I be worried? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. Is it wrong that I immediately want to say "no, don't do it". Not because I'd be worried about any related dodginess, but because I'd be a bit selfish! Why should I help a buyer of one of my items to potentially sell it for even more than I sold it to them by using my fabulous photos. That sounds really mean, doesn't it? :shame:
  3. If a buyer of one of my items decides to sell because the item doesn't fit, etc., I gladly let them use my photos. I don't have any problem with that at all.
  4. I have also let someone use my photos once. I didn't have a problem with it.
  5. ^ Agree. I kind of think of it as a reward for good behaviour - i.e. that they are reselling the item as opposed to cooking up some excuse to return it to me when I've said no returns. And I always suggest they credit the photos so they won't look suspicious for re-using them.
  6. It's nice that she's asked permission to use your photos, rather than whine and want to send the bag back. I wouldn't have a problem with her using my photos at all, which she can easily copy, without needing the originals.
  7. It was nice that she asked for permission just make sure she states that the pics are borrowed from your auction.
  8. I agree. Since she asked you first, I don't think there is anything wrong with sharing, and it may save you the headache of an unhappy buyer. I wouldn't send her the originals though. I would tell her to copy paste the pics from the listing screen.
  9. I would be thanking her for asking your permission first. So many people steal other sellers' photos these days. I would grant her the photos if it were me. At least you know she's on the up and up.
  10. I have let a buyer use my photos before, she asked and i was grateful she asked.
  11. As long as the transaction went smoothly I would not have a problem letter buyer re-use my photos.
  12. i would let her use it, but when you send them to her you should put a little strip at the bottom with your name. you still get the photo credit and as another user pointed out, it won't look suspicious.

    i would rather have a buyer ask rather than outright steal it!!
  13. Hey...unless you have a watermark on your pictures then generally speaking she can save them and use them. Polite that she asked I suppose and I would probably say yes because of it. Might also aid with the feedback bit of your sale.
  14. Thanks for everyone's feedback. Now I won't feel so bad about sharing my photos. While I think the Buyer should take her own photos since it takes time to take nice photos (different positionings, good light, etc.), I think I will tell her that she can use my photos. However, I have watermarks on my photos. Should I tell her to go to my auction and copy and save those or should I give her my originals? Probably not my originals, right?
  15. ITA. Good advice, LouiseyPeasey! I've let someone use my pics before and didn't have any problems. :smile: