Buyer wants more pics, but ...

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  1. This is a little embarrassing to ask but I'm going to do so anyway. I've got a pair of Nike Shox up for auction right now. They are just regular athletic shoes, nothing special. A potential bidder just emailed me and said he is thinking about the shoes for his wife and he wants me to send him a picture of me wearing them.

    I know there are a lot of weirdos and perverts out there. I know that sometimes people ask for pictures of you wearing things (especially shoes) because they want the pictures for their own "self enjoyment", if you know what I mean. :Push: This has actually happened to me before. A man asked to see more pics of me wearing some high heeled sandals. I sent him some, and when he asked for more, I got suspicious. I didn't send any more, and he never bid on the sandals.

    Anyway, I think I am just going to ignore the request but I thought I'd see if others have run into this situation.
  2. OH! :shocked: If you feel uncomfy, then send him nothing, Lori... I agree with you, what's special with regular sport shoes and we all know how sport shoes will look like...
  3. what's his feedback like?
  4. :wtf: some v strange ppl out there
  5. hahahha
    yes but a lot worse - I had some Malizia stuff I bought but never wore - so up it went on ebay.

    I get an email from a potential 'lady buyer' asking me to model the stuff because otherwise you couldn't really imagine ..... yeah right.

    so you think this is the worst, NO NO NO - I said look can't do self modelling but could at least try to get a mannequin or something. and she responds (surprise surprise) NO and says she routinely sells undergarments (really?) and sends me, and I kid you not, pics of herself modelling her stuff....... I mean WHAT? sort of trying to give me the idea of how I should sell my things. this one still has me laughing out loud, I can't say it any other way. when I opened the pics I didn't even look at what she wrote cause I was curious why she sent me an attachment. so bahm, and ... OH MY EYES. needless to say I never responded to this one.

    I don't model anything ever. period. it's not like people at NAP will model for you either.
  6. oh, and this was a lot more embarrassing to tell.....

    this was a little while ago and I was thinking if I should post a thread but just couldn't do it at the time.... thanks for allowing me a therapeutic session. :smile:
  7. It definitely sounds like a perv request! I haven't been asked to model shoes but I know others who have, and the same thing happens - they keep asking for more pictures, with more angles....and never bid. I would ignore their request.
  8. He's got 3 feedback, located in AR.
  9. I had a man e-mail me once, back in the days when I modelled shoes for my auctions, telling me what nice feet I had and could I send him more pics!!
  10. :shocked: such this user should be report to eBay :Push: I always think they're maniacs and use eBay as their playing field!
  11. Have to say my boyfriend was not very impressed and it was then I stopped wearing the shoes for my auctions
  12. I had this once with a pair of boots. They had been worn a few times already but were in great condition still (and very expensive). This was mentioned in the listing. Anyway, nothing strange happened while the auction was running but when the auction finished the winning bidder emailed me and said that they were not in a hurry to receive the boots and if I wanted to wear them a few more times that it would be fine with them!!!! Yuk!!! Needless to say I posted them straight away and ended the communication. EEEWW!
  13. I sorta had this happen with someone on tPF--asking me lots of questions about pointy-toed shoes in PMs and do I like this and that... I just stopped responding.

    I mean, these are athletic shoes anyway... can't he just imagine what they look like on a foot?
  14. Your timing is scary. Just last night I was looking to purchase some socks. While poring through the listings I noticed that several led with the words "well worn" and clicked out of curiosity. One seller was modeling a pair of grungy sport socks, another a pair of lacy anklets modeled with heels. Both pairs were selling and the anklets had bid up to $36.00! I was so astounded I called my husband in to have a looksee. He just glanced at the listing, shook his head and wondered aloud about the number of freaks seeking gratification on ebay. To date it's the creepiest thing I've come across on the bay. Here's a link to the dress socks:
    Check out her "me" page.
  15. The anklets just hit $40.00!
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