Buyer wants me to ship to diff. address then confirmed

  1. and it's a PO box. WTD? They only have 30 feedbacks all pos.
  2. If they have paid with paypal, I would only ship to the confirmed address. I've shipped to a different address when the buyer paid with a US Postal Money order- but the items were low dollar- used books and clothing- I've never shipped a bag that way

  3. Its not worth the risk- ship to their paypal address so you are BOTH covered and explain that to them!
  4. Yes ONLY send to the confirmed address on their paypal. You should always state that in your auctions too. People will claim they never received the package and you would be out of luck no questions asked from Paypal. I think people take advantage of that rule.

    I always list that if you are Unconfirmed then I will accept a USPS Money order only as payment and can ship anywhere.
  5. I would definitely ask the buyer about the PO Box. I have that problem: my USPS will not deliver mail to my home (due to heavy snowfall in the winters up here in the mtns) so I have a PO Box for USPS mail, including USPS Priority/Express.

    But, UPS, FedEx and DHL all deliver right to my house and will not deliver to my PO Box.

    So I have two different addresses with PayPal, both are confirmed. I just indicate the appropriate shipping address based on the service the seller is using to ship something to me.

    It's confusing, yes, and a pain, yes...and maybe your buyer is in a similar situation.

    If it makes you feel more comfortable you could use signature confirmation or some other way to prove who got the package.