Buyer wants me to ship the bag as gift, any protection for sellers?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm selling a bag around $500 on eBay, and an international buyer wants me to ship the item and put it as gift, is it okay to do so? This is my first time to ship internationally, so I'm not very sure about the difference gift vs goods...If i put it as gift but I also buy insurance, would there be protection for me if anything bad happens?

    Thank you!!
  2. Don't do it.
    It is you who are lying on the customs form, and if discovered, that could get you both in trouble. Buyer is trying to save some money on import taxes, but its illegal to do so and please, for your own sake, politely decline this to the buyer.
    If in doubt, search for the thread started by member "itsonly4me", who had a nightmare with customs in Australia.... Please, don't do it. Its not worth the hassle you *might* get yourself into....
  3. I have done this. Sent a package listed as gift but declared the purchase price on the custom form.
  4. It makes no difference if you put gift or not, it's the value that matters, i always ship as a gift anyway.
  5. Mark it as merchandise. Do not mark it as a gift.
  6. Don't mark it as a gift and declare the whole value. There have been a few people on here that have gone through hell because they underdeclared something along with marking it as a gift.
  7. I agree. be honest on the customs form. The buyer should understand this when she buys internationally. You do not want to get in trouble.
  8. "To my International buyers, I will not mark as a gift nor will I change the price on the customs form. Please, do not ask.
    Buyer is responsible for all VAT and/or customs duties"

    Put that in your auction and then when they ask, just refer to that line and tell them you won't do it. The bay will completely back you (?) or so they say if you have that disclaimer in your ad.

    You are the one who would be lying on a Federal form and you just don't want the grief that could come your way. It probably won't happen, but you don't want to be the one in hundred that it does happen to.
  9. I have done it in the past, but after all I have since read here, I wouldn't do it again. YOU, the seller, will be responsible if anything goes wrong. It's up to you to decide, and I do see there are people on here who say that they do declare as a gift. I really don't do international anymore. Or frankly selling anything anymore on ebay is scary!
  10. I have buyer asking the same thing too, which I do not mind, since it is her problem to deal with her country's customs, not mine. But she is also suggesting that I send a bag to her by a cheaper shipping method, which could not be tracked. I hate it when people try to negotiate after they have bought the item. Sorry about the rant, but I feel a non paying bidder strike coming...
  11. Whatever you do, please do use shipping method with tracking and proof of delivery so you will have a record you sent this. PP will not listen to any case without this proof!
  12. I bought a bag from Canada - the seller marked it as a gift (I didn't ask her too tho) and it didn't make any difference - I still got stung by customs as I had expected to...she also sent it standard surface canada mail with no tracking or insurance! It took three and a half weeks! Make sure you send it full tracking, signed for and full insurance!
  13. There may be some countries where marking "gift" makes a siginifcant difference on the application of customs but I'm not aware of any. Whether or not you mark gift makes no difference on your protection or insurance.
  14. I don't know if it makes a difference for your protection, as long as you make sure you declare and insure for full value. I wouldn't lie on a custom's form though.