Buyer wants me to send it to another address?

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  1. #1 Aug 16, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
    The first address is already unconfirmed, (Netherlands) I stated that I only ship to confirmed addresses. What do I do if I dont want to ship it there? [Anyone from Netherlands?, What is the address format?]

    I am buying insurance for the item also, does that protect me enough? Buyer also has no feedback.

    And I just got a message from the buyer to send it to another address?



    They also paid by echeck, when the funds appear in my account, are they held until item is delivered?

    I send invoices manually, and I don't know how to check if an address is confirmed?

    Should I be scared?
  2. Have you been reading this forum and all about the Philippines scam? Don't know if this is the same group starting elsewhere but I would NEVER send to an unconfirmed address. You will have enough of a difficult time getting PayPal to help you if you follow each and every rule. You will get NO help at all if you don't. There is no way I'd do this. You might as well kiss your bag and your money goodbye if you do.

    Good Luck
  3. I think confirm address only in US, UK, and Canada, I'm not for the other country they will show unconfirm adress. But I am only ship in the US....many scam in our lives! and Ebay, Paypal....
  4. i wouldn't go through with the sale. no feedback, uncomfirmed address, asking for you to mail elsewhere...not good signs.

    and i don't ship international at all.
  5. run the other way!!!!! smells like a scam to me.....
  6. Hrmm...alot of things smell fishy about this transaction!! A buyer with 0 feedback wanting to ship to a different address than they are registered with? Surely with a 0 feedback they wouldn't have been registered that why the need to ship to a different address?! Echeques are more hassle than they are worth as well...they might not clear and the whole thing might fall through anyway!!

    I wouldn't go through with the will be a whole lot of hassle if a problem (or false claim on their part!) you won't be insured for shipping to an unconfirmed address. Although you may be insured if you buy insurance from the post office (that's the way it works in the UK, not sure about anywhere else...) you are only insured up to a certain amount.

    If I were you I would offer a second chance offer to the next highest bidder if possible!! Trust your gut feeling!
  7. Please don`t mail it, they scammed me.
  8. Okay, how do I go about this situation? The buyer won the auction, how do I say no?
  9. Their payment is pending also!
  10. I never know how to check if their address is confirmed before their payment arrives! How do I do that?

    I thought I had blocked bidders with zero feedback, I mean they aren't all bad, but yeah this one does seem fishy.
  11. #11 Aug 16, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
    DO NOT GO THROUGH WITH THIS TRANSACTION!! And do not send to another address under any circumstances, no matter what the person's Fb is.. Read about all the scams here if you doubt it..You are asking to lose your money if you do this. This is probably a hijacked account. You can email from the "ask a question" or "contact member" on the person's page or maybe go to "contact buyer "in ebay site map and see if this is even the right person's account. You may be alerting the real owner of hte account that it is being used illegally. Or CALL EBAY/PAYPAL and have them check this out! If the buyer insists on still wanting the bag, tell them you will take Western Union money for this only!!!!! I am sure you will never hear from them again if that is the case (that they have to pay real money)
  12. Waiting for the echeck to clear will buy you time to think about what you want to do. Those things take about 4 days to clear it seems! I don't know what the point of having echeck is.
  13. ^How do I go about ending this then? The buyer already paid (its pending)?
  14. I swear, I think I'm done with ebay after this. I've sold only 3 things.
  15. I haven't been in this situation, but I would say that you can refund the money after it goes thru (if it does), then start the process for cancelling the transaction. You'll also have to get your fees back from ebay and paypal.

    Someone else will give you the rest of the details!

    As far as selling stuff on ebay, you can sell the small & cheaper designer items easily. Ive never had a problem (must not jinx myself :wtf:) yet. The problem seems to mainly be with handbags unfortunately.