Buyer wants me to sell off ebay so that I can lower the price...

  1. I have an expensive item listed that is not going to sell quickly.

    I've been repeatedly contacted by a buyer (with 100% positive) asking me to lower the price and she will pay off eBay. By saving eBay fees, I can pass the savings on to her. Direct paypal too.

    Usually I stay on eBay and cover all my tracks, but I'm tempted to get rid of this thing, I could use the money.

    What's the worst thing that could happen for me?
  2. it's paypal that offers seller protection, not ebay. so i think to you this makes no difference.
  3. Is the feedback ok in terms of comments? I had a situation recently where despite 100% positive score, looking at the comments revealed a sketchy payment history.
  4. I have done this. Just research the buyer and make sure they pay with Paypal.
  5. This has actually been discussed numerous times if you search the eBay forum. :flowers:

    Paypal offers the same seller protection you will receive via eBay. There are a ton of sellers who sell off eBay to save the fees.
  6. Thank you -- I did search but couldn't find anything... I'll search again...
  7. I've sold off of bonanza/ebay and I've never had an issue with any of the buyers and I've been a buyer off of ebay/bonanza/etsy and I've never had a problem with that either.
  8. if you feel comfortable then go ahead... many sellers do this & things seem to
    work out fine...
  9. ^^ Thanks.

    Times have changed. Last time I read about this sort of thing, it was discouraged. But savings those fees can make a big difference to her in terms of what I will ask for...
  10. Thanks for starting this thread because I was wondering the exact same thing too.
  11. It's alright. I have done this many times both as a buyer and a seller. When I am selling, I always contact potential buyers asking them if they want to do it off eBay. Never a problem. I'm only worried that eBay will discover this and I will have trouble. Any experience?
  12. What everyone else said. I've asked for this as a buyer and I offer it regularly as a seller (a $10 discount for off-Ebay purchases). Since PP started offering protection for SNAD claims, there is no longer a difference between the two, and your buyer is wise to offer this option. Congrats on the sale!
  13. It's still very discouraged by eBay, but that's only because they want your fees. :graucho:
  14. You should still have paypal protection. As long as you cover all your basis, just as you would on ebay, you should be fine. Document the item you're selling. Make sure you get full tracking/ sig conf etc.. Ship to the address that paypal approves. :tup:
  15. I've also bought off of eBay and saved some $$$$. Do your research as everyone has stated.