Buyer Wants Me To Mark Pkg With Lower Value! Need Advice

  1. On an earlier thread, I posted about an ebayer who wrote to me before my auction ended asking to buy my handbag for less than the starting price. Actually, she wrote twice. I declined, because in doing so, I am losing about a third of what I paid for the bag. However, after the auction ended without the bag selling, I agreed to sell it to her. Now this is her latest message:

    Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I'm glad you reconsidered! I didn't realize Paypal and eBay take such a big bite out of your profit. That's terrible! Is there a way to get around it with a Second Chance Offer or something? That way we could both save a little more? Also, would you be willing to mark the package with a low value? Say, around $25? I want to avoid customs fees. They're brutal here!

    What do you think? I am not taking any less....pretty soon, she's gonna want it for free!!! Also, something about this makes me nervous. If I marked the package with a lower value, could she later try to file a claim against me? The bag I am selling, like all the others I sold, are authentic designer bags. She obviously knows how to play the eBay game.....I don't! This was what she wrote in her 2nd message to me:
    I know you paid a lot more - but I have so many bags in this particular colour, I can't justify buying another at this price! :smile:

    Any advice would be welcome as I am not a seasoned eBay seller and I don't want to get screwed because I am trying to do something nice for someone. Thanks.
  2. I wouldn't do it. You don't know this person and you can only insure the bag for what you declare. So if you want to insure if anything happens to the bag, you will be able to get all your money back, say NO.
  3. "I am sorry but I cannot risk my business by marking something for a lower value. The post office is now requesting a copy of the first page of the auction which shows what you paid for the item".

    I have started putting the first page of my auction in the Customs Envelope. I also put one in the box. Someone mentioned on ebay a while ago that her PO is now requiring the prinout - not sure about this but I figured a printout might make it move faster through customs.

    Make sure you declare the cost of the item, without postage.

    If you insure it, you have to declare the full value otherwise you would lose if the package gets lost.

    I add that I am retired law enforcement (because I am a retired sergeant) and cannot lie on a govt form - it would put my pension in jeopardy...
  4. Thanks elongrech and noshoepolish...I am going to take your advice. Something about this tells me that if I sell it to her, I will be sorry. I really think I need to trust my gut instincts with this one. Even if I declare it for the full value, I just don't trust her for some reason. I think that I would rather give this beautiful bag to a friend or relative.

  5. I agree! She seems too eager to "skirt" the rules, laws, etc. I wouldn't sell to her.
  6. I know people have mixed feelings about underdeclaring value but personally, I would never do it - first, the item is at risk should an insurance claim be needed and secondly, it is a dishonest declaration on a legal document. I realise I sound like a completely pious :angel: but it makes me very uncomfortable.
  7. Yep, sounds like trouble all the way around. I would refund her, if she paid, and move on. File for your fees to.
  8. She hasn't paid. The auction closed without any bids. However, twice before it closed she had messaged me asking to buy it for about 1/2 the price I paid. I offered to sell it for a little more than her offer (still less than my cost), only because I knew that I would never carry the bag. I agree with Miss Sooky in that it is dishonest! I am not a dishonest person, so it amazes me how some people can operate that way. Thank you all so much for your thoughts.
  9. I agree with the others. Dont sell it to her.

    Try and list it again. Sometimes it takes a couple of times to sell it. Just depends on who is looking on eBay at the time!

    So try and sell it again, and you may get what you want for it this time around!!

    I dont trust ANYONE who refuses to abide by eBay rules and wants to skirt around them!


  10. You are so right. If she is dishonest with paying custom fees, then why would I assume that she would be honest with me. I just messaged her and told her that I would not be selling the bag to her. To take it a step further, I blocker her from bidding in case I decide to relist. Thanks for your advice.
  11. I honestly feel very strongly about these types of things. I realise that none of us like paying duty, but, unfortunately we don't have no choice.

    It is definitely not worth the risk of losing your own honest reputation.

    Besides the risk of what would be reimbursed if it went astray in the post!!!! And, who then would be responsible for that.

    Too risky for me.

    Good Luck
  12. sheesh I just did this myself :lecture:

    my buyer asked me to give her free shipping (from Australia to UK) for my balenciaga and told me to declare the bag as $200 because she doesn't want to be hit by customs.

    I actually agreed to BOTH... cos I was in a good mood at the time (often am) and am always eager to please my buyers

    Come to think of it, she was kind of rude! :sad: I didn't get a word of thanks from her..........
  13. ^ well I do things kind of foolishly sometimes.
  15. As do I ....but not this time. I messaged her to advise the deal was off. I don't respect dishonest people....or trust them for that matter!