Buyer Wants Me To Lie On Shipping Forms!!!

  1. I can't believe the nerve of some buyers!!! I listed a beautiful leather handbag on eBay and in the listing I stated that I would ship the bag "TO ANY COUNTRY THAT ACCEPTS LEATHER GOODS FROM THE USA"!!! So this buyer FROM ITALY, wins the bag. I ask my fellow tPFers if anyone had ever sent leather bags to Italy and was advised that it is PROHIBITED. So I thought, well maybe she wasn't aware of that fact and e-mailed her with the information.
    She sends me this e-mail back:

    hi,it's not a problem,many times i bought leather bags from usa;usually the seller write like object another name,not leather,for example sweater or i don't know...please usually i ask to don't write the retail prize because duty custom is high like prize,so if you ship like gift of low cost it's not a problem;you don't worry many times i made in this way.please let me know about shipping .thanks

    She knew all along!!!! I had even stated that I WOULD NOT place a lower value on the item than what they bought it for on the auction listing! I can't believe the ignorance of some people!! Sorry, I just had to vent some.....:cursing::cursing:
  2. I HATE when they ask you to lie on the customs forms and I refuse to do it. I have had a bag that someone wants in the UK and she asks me to lie and I say no. I don't blame you for being mad.
  3. In this case, the eBay price IS the retail price so I would just give that price. Items are only worth what they sell for and eBay is a legitimate marketplace so use the sales price.

    Also, you could just mark "handbag" on the box and if customs wants to investigate, they will. Leave it in their hands so you are not hiding anything or purposely hurting the buyer by making decisions for her.
  4. Some people are so rude that it amazes me. It's like, "By the way, I read the terms of your auction and don't really care. Being complete strangers, could you illegally send me this item and falsify some federal documents in the process because I'm to cheap to pay the fees I know that I will have to on an item I know you aren't allowed to send here?"

    She knew obviously knew better than to even bid on the item. Blah on her. :yucky:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. I don't ship or buy from outside the USA for this very reason. Too much trouble!
  7. I agree. It seems that every time I sell outside the US, I run into problems. And, no matter what, do not lie on customs forms. I listed a like-new turquoise BBag and received a request from a fellow TPF member who lives in another country. Would I please sell it to her, she had to have it, etc. She was really nice and I agreed. Well, you can't say it's worth $100 and insure it for $1,000. I took a risk and lost big time. The bag never arrived, I had to refund her money and then was out the $$ and the bag. Don't do it!
  8. Ebay price and "handbag"... I like that advice!
  9. Why is it prohibited to send leather bags to Italy? I buy and sell on eBay all the time and I always keep my transactions within the US. I constantly have people from different countries asking if I could send to them but I just think it's not worth the trouble! Sorry you had to deal with her miu2... hope it all works out!!!
  10. Ugh...I will not ship outside the US anymore for this very reason. It is awfully presumptuous of her to assume that you would lie for her!
  11. No, don't lie. You will be out all your money.
    Protect yourself.