Buyer wants me to declare lower value - plz advise

  1. If it gets lost in the mail you won't get your full money in insuarnce back -- only what you declared it as.
    Buyer may say she will pay but that's just her word - it doesn't mean she'll actually do it - and when stuck with the bill she could change her mind.
    Only risk what you are willing to lose ;)
  2. As a buyer outside of the US, I must say that I ask this a lot and really appreciate if the seller does that for me...

    I love buy from US eBay, you guys don't know how lucky you are! lol :biggrin: I have paid almost 70€ import tax (90USD approx) on a 120USD dress, the bargain turned out to a nightmare... I always ask before bidding though, if the seller doesn't agree (especially on an expensive item) then I just pass the item by even sometimes I really want it and ready to pay pretty a lot for it...

    I know it is against the law, but I thought I'd just through my 2 cents in as an oversea's buyer...
  3. ita!
  4. Do you know what the threshold is for them having to pay customs?
    If the bag is worth $500 and they are only allowed up to $50 with no customs charge, (for instance) I would not do it, the difference in value is too risky!
  5. wow this is crazy!
    I never actually thought of it like this.
  6. Even if you declare it at the correct price, if you don't purchase insurance for it, then you are SOL if it gets lost or damaged once it gets to the buyer.
  7. Tha Canada Customs house has about 12 lockers filled with eBay goods that were seized for lying on customs forms. The biggest mistake sellers make is lowering the value yet still sending the invoice with correct amount on it . Canada for 1 opens a lot of packages from the USA and UK. The Canadians are not dumb. They keep your item and nobody gets it and then you get a dispute from the buyer. In addition Canada Customs trains inspectors to understand values of goods. You may not include an invoice but if it says $100 and it is a Chanel bag, based on Canada law, they have the right to deem it fraudulent and seize the parcel. Other countries that open packages a lot are Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Greece, South Africa and Ukraine
  8. No we're not. :biggrin: But, for the record, of the 200+ eBay purchases I have made from the US and UK, none of them have been inspected.

    I do agree that the greatest risk is with items that have a commonly known high value. I would think Chanels and LV's would be at great risk. Aside from the moral/legal issues, I think the main problem with this situation is that the benefit is to the buyer and the risk is to the seller. If the risk could somehow be transferred to the buyer, it might not be such a hot potato.
  9. You can add Japan to that list. I have had several customs bills when I have been shopping online. These weren't even high value items particularly.
  10. You are in Australia - Your import duty threshold is AU$1000. Even if you take the lousy exchange rates into account, you have a nice starting point.
  11. Exactly! If the bag is worth $1200 then if I was shipping it to AU, I might be inclined to declare the value as $1000, but to go any lower than that would not make any sense, you would be asking for trouble if you put $500 for instance!

  12. Why all Asia?? No offences but I felt that it's unfair for you to cross out Asia totally because of just one country?

  13. Hi, I am from singapore. Our taxes is 7% and I guess if she asked you to go away, it will be fine. She should have calculated the taxes already. :smile:
  14. Don't do it!! Even if she agreed to insure at a lessor amount you are 100% liable for the package until it arrives...
  15. i was going to say the same. sslfn, your buyer knows full well how much taxes she will have to pay... it's not going to be a surprise. the singaporean government taxes everybody equally! in vernis lover's case, the buyer decided to take a chance, hoping they wouldn't get hit by customs charges and took it out on the seller when they did.

    and OP, I wouldn't under declare... according to a DHL rep i spoke with awhile ago, duties in malaysia are about 10% on luxury goods (leather goods and watches)... it's really not that bad for the buyer.