buyer wants me to change auction to BIN!

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  1. help!

    my buyer wants me to change my auction (which I started at $0.01) to a BIN for $30. It's a Louis V lock and key and I noticed they normally sold for $25-$35 and some as high as $60 ( but I don't know if that is due to shilling or not...) Anyway...would you advise me to do that? they are kind of new, with only 4 feedback, 100% positive.

    also if I do change it to BIN, will I have to end the auction and relist it with a BIN price??

    I appreciate it! thanks!
  2. if you want, you can click on Revise Item right there in your auction if it has no bids and add a BIN.
  3. I've done that before when I had items that didn't sell and had people watching. I've gotten e-mails from buyers saying they wanted the item and didn't get to bid due to work schedule, whatever and would I make a BIN. You can actually make a BIN specifically for one particular buyer and no others. If you feel good about the transaction, go for it!! If you've got multiple watchers, you might want to wait it out and see how you fare.
  4. I think your fees may increase if you add the buy it now option.
  5. yeah, the thing is these items have been going well before, again I don't know if it's cuz of bid shilling...I have 5 watchers right now and bid is at around $6.00

    swanky, I don't think I can change my price becuase there are already bids on it..and I don't know how much it would cost me if i were to cancel it...
  6. If you already have bids, and no reserve, you can't add BIN option. I would just write back to the ebayer that you're sorry, but you can't add a BIN option now that there are bids, but good luck bidding!
  7. you can't change it, not now.
  8. ^^ i may just end up doing that.. I am pretty confident my item will go for the average ending price...thanks everyone!
  9. Unfortunately, you can't do that anymore. I found out about 2 weeks ago. And eBay confirmed it to me that they have taken that option away. So, if you want to do that, I would put in the auction title, this is a private auction for so-and-so and repeat in the listing that only so-and-so should be bidding on the auction, just in case someone else see's it before your buyer.
  10. ^^ although be very sure you really do want this buyer to do a BIN rather than wait to see how the auction unfolds, especially as there are bids. I had this very situation a few months ago and asked about it here - the advice that if anyone was keen to do BIN it indicated more widespread interest was spot on and I did well by letting the auction run.
  11. im glad you decided to stay the course, market price on these little buggers is great, if the person wants it badly enough, they can bid.
  12. I ask sellers to do that all the time, but almost always when they have listed the item at least once before and got no bids on it. And usually, they are happy to do it.

    However, I use eBay only to purchase inexpensive items, my price ceiling is $25.

    So if you think you can get more than she is offering, go ahead and let the auction run!
  13. Good luck - hope it works out well for you
  14. People have asked me to do that often. As long as there are no bids and its a reasonable offer, I always accept.

    I've also asked to have a BIN because I hate the auction process and would rather just buy it.

    You don't have to end the auction. Revise it and add the BIN.
  15. I actually asked a seller if she would be willing to BIN because she had no bids at the time. She did say she had 12 watchers and asked me how much I would be willing to BIN. I havent responded yet, because I dont know. LOL

    But the auction is almost up and still no bids. So, we will see!