Buyer wants a return due to color

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  1. I recently sold an all vachetta leather bag, and I just received a message that the buyer wants to "negotiate a return" because the color is "a lot lighter than the photos." I took all my photos in natural light, and I do state in every listing my default statement that colors may vary due to monitors, etc. I technically don't take returns. Should I take a return to avoid a problem or stick to my policy.
  2. The borough bag?

    You could try sticking to your policy because your listing does state the possibility of color/monitor variations or you could offer to accept the return but buyer would pay shipping in both directions.

    If you want, feel free to use the following - edit as desired:

    Dear buyer,

    I'm sorry you aren't happy with the color of the bag. I take pictures in natural light and even note in listings that colors can vary with different lighting and monitors. On my own computer, the color appears accurate.

    Although the description and photos accurately depict the bag, I don't want an unhappy buyer so if you'd like to return, I'll accept it.

    Because the bag is accurately described and because the reason for return isn't the result of an error on my part, shipping in both directions would be at your expense.

    Should you decide to return, I'll issue a refund of the purchase price once the bag is returned in the condition I sent.

    Please let me know your decision.

  3. Yes, it was the borough. Thanks for the form letter, I just may end up using it. I'm torn because in the case of this particular bag it will darken over time anyway, so color seems like a silly reason to want to return a vachetta bag. I thought about telling her this in a nice way, and sticking to no returns, but I'm afraid she will either push a case or leave crappy fb. It's really useless to have a no returns policy because in the end you end up feeling pressured to take them anyway.
  4. I have successfully stood by my no return policy in the past. Buyer never left fb. They knew I was right and anyone reading their complaint would have seen that and BBL'd them.
  5. That's a good thought. Add that helpful info to educate her about the nature of vachetta leather.

    It sucks that sellers have to be afraid to stand their ground for fear of buyers being unfair.
  6. Agree with explaining the nature of vachetta to her. Sometimes people just don't understand leather terms. I had a buyer once complain that a saffiano bag she bought from me "felt like plastic, not leather". I mean, it will eventually darken to whatever shade she prefers and it's better to err on the side of too light than too dark when it comes to vachetta.

    If she still wants to return the bag then you should probably just take the return.
  7. BB, that's a very good general form. I hope you don't mind if I snag it for future use! I wish I had as elegantly phrased my rebuttal to a buyer that wanted to return a pair of shoes for 'being narrow', even though my auctions note that I do not (usually) accept returns on fit.

    I was trying to be polite, but I didn't know quite how to present that I wouldn't refund her for shipping in either direction if she elected to send them back.

    Anyway, OP, this seems silly, but if she's amenable to paying shipping both ways, then I would personally accept the return to prevent an unhappy buyer, especially if it'll be easy enough to resell it quickly.

    I do dislike buyers that leave negatives or neutrals based on color, personally, because it seems somewhat unreasonable for online second-hand purchases, unless wildly inaccurate (like black pants looking green or blue). Most people's monitors aren't properly calibrated and camera settings sometimes don't use web safe color spaces, or the white balance is not correct.
  8. Sure, there are other form letters too for various issues. Several times I posted suggested responses to send to buyers who claim non-receipt when tracking shows delivery.

    example 1:

    example 2:

    example 3:
  9. Brilliant, thanks! :smile: It's always handy to have these things in the repertoire for handling customers' concerns. I'm painfully self-conscious about my phrasing/tone when responding to someone who has an issue.
  10. Well, after some consideration I decided to message her politely expressing my concern at her dissatisfaction, but pointing out (as BeenBurned stated) that I used natural light, my color disclaimer, etc. I explained the nature of vachetta and offered suggestions per the threads I've read here to speed up the patina to her liking. Her response, "Ok. That's life." I guess she's dropping it?
  11. If you're worried about "tone," you might not want to use my written work. :lol: (Presumably you know what I'm referring to!)
  12. Hard to say but I wouldn't push the issue.
  13. Yeah, I'm definitely not fishing for anything.
  14. Hope so.
  15. You should seriously have your own sticky page for your advice & letters.

    You are my hero