Buyer wants a refund...

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  1. Hi all!
    I'm a TPF lurker, and don't often post, but I didn't know who else to ask. This is also unrelated to handbags...but I know many of you are active on ebay. I recently started cleaning out my closet to make some extra cash and weed out the things I just don't wear. I've sold maybe 30-40 items of clothing, with no problems. Since these items sell for well under $100, I have a returns policy that allows for returns and refunds ONLY if the item is not as described. I try to accurately describe all my items and have only once had to issue a return (but I had given the buyer the wrong measurement for an item, so that was my fault). However, I have a buyer who keeps asking for a refund because the shirt I sold her is too tight and she can't button it. It is a standard J. Crew Size 2 button-down. While I understand it is disappointing to receive something and have it not fit, I do not think that I should have to provide her a refund because my return policy is clear and I told her that, but now I feel like I am being mean? Am I being unreasonable? I dont want an unhappy customer but I also don't want to get taken advantage of. I don't think I should have to deal with the refund, return, and relisting, because she got her size wrong. Thoughts? TIA
  2. I would not accept a return. But, if she is intent on returning it, she may start a claim that it is SNAD/damaged to paypal.
  3. If you did not list the measurements in the auction, she might actually have a case, KWIM?

    What did it sell for (roughly), and what would the return postage be? Would it be easier/cheaper to refund bid price, and ask her to donate it to a women's charity or something?

    Sometimes it just isn't worth the aggravation to be right :smile:
  4. Thanks for the reply! I actually realized after mulling this over that I would be so stressed out over receiving negative feedback or having to deal with a claim that I messaged her back to tell her I would refund her the price of the item (minus shipping). She has 100% feedback, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt I guess...oh well...
  5. Did you list the measurements in the auction? That would be key for me.

    But if you don't want the hassle, I'd just take the return and relist.
  6. If she decides to file a claim, you'll be forced to give her a refund of the shipping, also. That's just how eBay works.
  7. I didn't post measurements this time. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Usually if I don't someone just emails me and I post them then. Lesson learned. Thanks for the advice!
  8. I think refunding her is going to be the best less hassle for you and if you want good feedback :smile:.

  9. Think you made a smart decision in the long & short of it.. buyers

    can very easily open up disputes and usually paypal sides with them..

    so when you get the shirt back, check your measurements

    and just relist.. the right buyer will find the shirt & enjoy it..
  10. ^^^ Yes. You have probably saved yourself a lot of hassle.
  11. I put no returns on my auction, but if a situation arrises I always take returns. I don't want the negative feedback. Does she still want to return it even though she has to pay shipping? Sometimes it is less hassle to offer a partial credit too. Not that it would really help her, but it is easier. Maybe she can find someone who will use it? Anyway, in this case I would take the return.
  12. I have purchased things (shoes, clothes) that while perfectly nice and as described, just didn't fit, as in this case. I figure that is the chance I take when I purchase something on eBay. And usually it is a trade-off for it being a good deal; sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

    I had no idea that I could bully the seller in to refunding me when their ad clearly stated refunds ONLY if not as described. I honestly never thought of even asking, let alone opening a claim. What would her negative feedback say? The seller didn't do anything wrong. And how could she win a SNAD? She described it as a size 2. Unless the tag doesn't say size 2, where's the claim?

    I understand not wanting to go through the hassle, but I think the buyer is way out of line. Am I alone here? :confused1:
  13. Nope, you're not alone. There have been many threads on the pros and cons of giving in to buyer pressure for a refund when the auction has a "no refunds" policy.

    Because ebay does tend to favour the buyer on claims, if the buyer chose to file a SNAD, the odds are she will win. So, there are many on here (like me) who believe it is easier to give in than to fight - and maybe avoid a neg.

    Sometimes though the seller does win so there are many others who would advocate that the seller stand behind her "no returns" policy.

    Its up to the seller to decide whether she wants to give in or fight.
  14. If you think it's best to offer the return then go with what you feel. Personally speaking, I wouldn't have done so. If you listed the size in your auction, then the buyer should have known her size prior to bidding. Giving measurements are a nice gesture but it's not required.

    I can't stand buyers like this. They use Ebay as a means to "shop" like they're in a store. If the shirt didn't fit, she should have resold it or given it away. There was nothing wrong with the shirt. There is no room for a SNAD claim. It just doesn't fit. Totally her problem as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Agree here and unfortunately & unfairly whether the seller likes it or not

    the buyer can also dispute the credit card charge.. so in many

    instances it is a win win for the buyer..