Buyer wants a refund... I don't know what to do!

  1. Since I am only a once-in-a-blue-moon seller on eBay, I don't exactly know how to sort out this issue and would appreciate any feedback/suggestions you can give me.

    I sold a pair of boots on eBay (for a loss). I put the stated size on the listing, as well as pointing out that they run a bit small. My buyer just sent me an email complaining that the boots do not fit her and acknowledged this...

    She paid via Paypal (and the funds are already deposited to my bank account). I am going to stand behind my "All Sales Are Final" stance but I want to find out what she can do to try to get her 'refund'. I am not scared of getting my first negative but if she initiates a chargeback with her c/c, will I be out of money?

    Oh what a headache.

    p.s. Sorry if this is a repeat thread... I've never had to deal with anything like this before. Help!
  2. as long as it's stated that "all sales are final" and the item she received was as listed, you will not have to pay it back and aren't obligated to take the boots back.
  3. If you're feeling nice, have her ship them back to you at her expense and refund her minus the shipping cost. However, like DC-Cutie said, you don't owe her anything.
  4. If she read and understood your policy then she shouldn't be wasting your time. Tell her to re-sell them on eBay and maybe allow her to use your photos in her auction.
  5. I agree, all sales final. You have it stated in your auction. G/l:wtf:
  6. The only way she could file w/ Paypal and have a real chance of getting $ back is if she didn't receive them. . .
    you're fine!
  7. Thank you for the replies and support.

    This is so infuriating. I have bought items from eBay that don't fit me (i.e. Thinking I'm a size Small when in fact I'm not! LoL) and I never asked sellers for refunds.

    The buyer actually sounds calm and hopeful, not demanding at all, but I am not a store... I'll have to really think about this tonight. I just don't want to be surprised with a chargeback and watch my money hemorraging out of my account.
  8. i agree. and minus the ebay fees on top of that too.

    but if it were me, i wouldn't allow a return. sounds like too much hassle to me. i don't think she has a good case to file a paypal claim anyway. your listing was pretty clear, and she even acknowledged that, so she should understand where you're coming from!
  9. I would not allow a return. I sell once in a blue moon also, and once had a buyer e-mail me that the sunnies did not fit her the way she had wanted and despite my "no return" policy she wanted to return them. I told her no, but believe it or not, she returned the damn things anyway!
  10. You don't have to accept a return. If I was the seller I would let her return and refund her minus shipping and ebay fees. She seems to be nice and polite and I would let her return the boots if they are in the same condition as they were sent. Maybe you could even sell them for more the second time.
  11. You don't owe the buyer anything. Clear out your paypal account.
  12. You do not owe the buyer a refund because she did not know her size in the brand boots you were selling. Sounds like she has buyer's remorse and she either didn't want them when they arrived, or perhaps she overspent during the holiday season and she is trying to make up for it. She has no valid reason for winning a chargeback as she received the item and they are not damaged.

    Agreed with the other postings, tell her she can use your pics to relist the boots at her leisure.
  13. I think that it is highly possible that you have a legal responsibility to refund the buyer, as the law states that you have to provide the buyer with a venue to inspect the item in person and if you are selling remotely (e.g. online) and do not offer an inspection venue, that venue is considered to be the buyer's home (or office etc.).

    I know you are not a store and I sympathise with your predicament, but I have, so far, found no evidence that eBay sellers are exempt from this law.

    I would offer her a full refund (less shipping) this time and in future, state in my auctions that I have a 10% restocking fee for returns (which would not be payable on item not as described, faulty/damaged items etc.).
  14. Hmmmmm, this is interesting. Is this a law in the UK or does it apply internationally as well? This is the first I am hearing about this potential responsiblity. I'm also wondering whether paypal is aware of this law as it certainly impacts paypal claims.

    Any links you can provide?
  15. I think buying shoes or clothing on eBay are iffy. Sizes differ from designer to designer. I have sold some Gucci loafers and besides telling the size I gave the actual measurements etc. Anyhow I do not think she has a case.

    However if she is polite and you have some extra Xmas spirit, I would take them back and resell them. It might be a pain but eBay is supposed to be fun. Why make a big issue out of it?

    If you could not sell them on eBay they would sit in a closet unused anyhow.