Buyer waits over 10 days? Now wants refund??????

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  1. I need some major assistance. I sold a LV multicolore White Speedy for $675 in good used condition.

    The Buyer recieved the item on July 27 and just emailed me today August 8 informing me that she was not happy. All these "flaws" she complained about were non-existant when I sold the bag.

    I have over 1,000 POSITIVE feedback, but I do not feel a bag that has been recieved and used by the buyer after 10 days should allow a return.

    I have spoken to Ebay and was informed of the same^, but what steps can I take to prepare myself from a Paypal dispute?

    Do they take into consideration the wear of the bag after the customer had it for over 10 days?:cursing:
  2. Sounds like buyer's remorse!
  3. Yeah, I think it is buyers remorse. I've contacted Paypal and they informed me she could file a SNAD claim up to 45 days, but upon review of my auction they feel I listed it very fairly & accuratly and at a decent price with LOTS of pictures that do not agree with the "flaws" mentioned which will all be taken into consideration if a claim gets filed.

    I've also filed a compaint with Ebay's Trust & Safety Department about this transaction.

    And it's offically been 13 days since the reciept of the purse-not 10 which will also be in my favor since there was no prior communication from the buyer.

    If I get a negitive feedback I'll be disputing this as well:yes: I hate to mess up my 100%, but oh well.

    Anyone else that has gone thru this? Am I missing any steps?
  4. ^^Sounds like you have all the bases covered. I am so sorry this is happening to you! If I had been able to buy an MC Speedy at a good price, I wouldn't be complaining! I'm sure one negative will pale in comparison to your 1000+ positives.
  5. HAHA! I just found my Signature Confirmation reciept:yahoo:

    She signed for it on JULY 25TH!!!

    That makes 15 days!

    Do you think that will help my SNAD claim if one gets filied?

    Ladies, please tell me if you were not happy with a $675 purchase, would you wait 15 days?
  6. I would complain immediately. Is the signature definitely hers or someone else's? Just wondering if she'll say she was on vacation and just opened it.

    She may just skip PP and do a chargeback with her CC company but PP should stand behind you.
  7. No she confirmed she got the bag, but today was the first time she contacted me about not being happy with the item--a grand total of 15 days of it being in her possesion.

    From what I understand if she does a chargeback from her CC that's between her & Paypal right?

    I'm not really sure how that works, but I had an issue one time and my CC company told me to work it out with Paypal.
  8. No, if I was unhappy with a purchase, I would send an email as soon as I opened the box. No doubt she has been sporting around with her new arm candy and did not receive as many compliments as she thought she would. We sellers on Ebay are not Bag, Borrow, or Steal, but we sure get treated that way!

    As to brilliant advice, I don't think anyone can predict what Paypal will do, but best of luck to you in fighting this injustice. If there was ever a case to be decided for the seller, this one qualifies.
  9. #9 Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
    Well, I've been dealing with all the legwork on my end since I got that email at noon today-I responded to her within 30 min after talking to Ebay, It's now 6:00PM here-No other responses.

    Is she playing games????

    Buyer Email at noon today (15 days after item arrived to her)

    I haven't left a feedback because I didn't quit know how to say it. Well as I examine the bag I notice that there was a tear on the lateral side of the front end of the zipper in addition there were tears on both handle ends were it anchors to the canvas. I'm sorry, because you were so great in working with but I'm not happy. So what do you advise we should do.

    My reponse to her 30 min. after ^^^^

    I'm not sure what you expect to happen, but it has been over 10 days since the reciept of the bag. I have spoken to Ebay and they informed me that I am not authorized to take the bag back after 10 days. I spoke to Morgan. I listed my bag fairly as being used and it sold for a decent price. I never claimed the bag was new-but if these flaws would have been on the bag, I would have listed it as such.

    I don't understand if you were not happy with the item why wait over 10 days?

    I have wasted a whole day worried about this-I think she's playing games.
    If it were me I wouldn't let 6 hours go without a response if it was that important to her. Right?

    BTW After an hour on the phone with Paypal, they determined by my pictures the flaws were not on the bag, so I think I'm clear.

    But in the meantime this has upset me and I'm more confuzed then ever.

  10. Yea of course so I could use it and carry it around for two weeks because there is no way you can leave me neg fb for doing that:rolleyes:

    I hate people.:tdown:
  11. Make sure she knows that ebay determined by your pictures that the flaws were not on the bag. It kinda sounds to me like she used it and didn't take very good care of it and is now disappointed that the bag didn't last as well as she expected through God knows what she put it through, and now regrets spending so much money.
  12. Good advice^. I just downloaded more pics to Trust & Safety to go along with my original complaint.

    I just know if that is the true condition of the bag, it wasn't the bag I had listed. I just know she's been using it:cursing:

    They are also investigating the buyer-since she is somewhat new to Ebay
  13. I would also think that she messed up the bag and now wants to blame it on you to get a refund back. Low low low!!!
  14. She might back off if she knows that ebay is on your side. It kinda sounds like a done deal for her.
  15. Sounds like buyers remorse. Hang in there, hopefully ebay will do the right thing here.