Buyer used BIN and now wants a lower price!

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  1. I was selling one of my items and listed it with BIN option (the price was the same as BIN as I wanted it to sell fast). This buyer bought it and now e-mailed me telling me she will pay a significantly LOWER price! I am shocked. Why buy it and then ask for a lower price?

    Just very annoyed right now...:cursing:

    Has this happened to anybody else?
  2. How many idiots will we be forced to deal with on eBay??? I mean really.... Tell her your price is firm. Either pay for the auction she won or give her a NPB strike.
  3. How rude. Tell her she entered a contract and that was her choice. I guess next time you could put "immediate payment required" for the BIN.
  4. Ugh. I had a local buyer who wanted me to give her a better price if she paid me in cash and picked up the item. She also wanted me to lie to eBay and tell them that we mutually agreed not to complete the sale! I told her no way. Not surprisingly, she's no longer registered.

    Stick to your guns -- she may just be testing the water to see what you'll say.
  5. ALWAYS require immediate payment on BIN items. It is easy to miss this check-box, so try to remember to look for it (or revise the listing if it doesn't show when you have submitted it.)
  6. Tell her that it's not "let's make a deal" and that the price is firm. Was she blind? It said BIN, not BIN or best offer. I'm sorry this happened to you, I thought that I dealt with some real winners when I worked for the phone company, but I guess I have yet to see it all on eBay! Luckily all I've had so far are really stupid questions, but even those make me cringe and I have to refrain from making smart a@# comments back. Anyway, I would NOT give her a lower price. I am still in shock that someone would have the nerve to do that! Keep us posted, and best of luck!
  7. she did a bin on knew what the terms was, if she doesn't want to pay you will have to file a dispute... It's a good idea to ask for immediate payment, if someone doesn't do that it isn't bought ...
  8. Ask her if she has tried that at Saks, Niemans, etc. Bought an item and then called up and said, "uh, well, gee, can you lower the price? 'Cuz see, well . . . . . . . . . . ."

    Someone once said no one ever went broke UNDER estimating the American public. We recently sold a Gucci to a Buyer who wrote to tell us it didn't look the same, and didn't have the same "registration number" as a Gucci her mother bought "from a REAL Gucci store 3 years ago." (Her quote.) And by the way, her mother bought a different style bag, in leather. The bag this Buyer bought from us is GG fabric. Life goes on.
  9. Wow, that's a weird one. The more typical scam (happens on craig's list a lot) is to pay with a credit card via paypal and ask to meet in person. The card is either stolen or the card is valid but the buyer does a chargeback because they know the seller doesn't have 3rd party (USPS or UPS) delivery confirmation to fight the chargeback.
  10. if she sends you a payment, just refund her w/ her full amount. send invoice with the amount that she bin'd for. if she refuses to pay, then file a NPB.
  11. tell her to go jump in a lake, block her, file a NPB and relist with immediate payment required

    I am getting really sick of being nice on ebay. It's WAR against moronic buyers!
  12. Tell her to take a flying leap! :jammin:
  13. argh, what a buyer! Tell her no, and give her a negative feedback (although you might get one too) and BLOCK her from your auctions.
  14. Tell her that since she did a buy-it-now she must pay the set price or you'll just cancel the transaction and relist it.
  15. I would end transaction and all communications with her immediately. Report buyer to ebay and relist. Do not forget to block her.