Buyer trying to get money back

  1. i had a buyer that bought a B bag from me on 7/26/07 and today 8/31/07 she files a dispute with paypal.

    When she first received the bag she mentioned to me that the color in the pic of the auction is purplish. while it listed on my eBay auction it was BLUE with some yellowish fading. i told her all sales are final and the color/ yellowing was listed on the auction.

    On 8/15/07 she then coppied my pics/ wordings and listed the bag herself on eBay. the bag ended with a buyer from her.

    now 8/31/07 i get a dispute on eBay that she wants a refund. What the hell is up with that. so now 450.00 of my paypal account is on hold. she is telling paypal that item not described saying that the color in the pic is purplish and has yellowing that item not described cuz when she got it is some sort of blueish color. while the whole time my auction says the color is blue.

    paypal imediatly put my funds on hold . now i have to wait for them to decide what to do. PAYPAL and this buyer sucks!!!!!!!

    what do i do now??? besides wait?
  2. That is all you can do. Paypal DOES suck on occasion and this is one of them. When you give your reply to them, be very specific about every detail. They are notorious for siding with buyers.
  3. I've dealt with buyer disputes before. Paypal makes you wait a long time. What I would do is give Paypal all evidence that you tried to describe the bag as accurately as possible. Also show that she sold the bag immediately on eBay as well.

    You can actually call Paypal about the dispute itself, if you have the case number they will talk to you. They do want everything via email but if you're diligent about it, it usually works out ok, as long as you did nothing wrong.

    In my case it worked out in my (seller) favor - she claimed she never received the tickets I sold her but I was able to find the delivery confirmation and the signature showing she DID get them, she was just trying to scam.
  4. There's not really a lot you can do until paypal contact you. I think then they'll determine who "wins" and request her to send the bag back and when you receive it they'll refund her :sad:
    So sorry this has happened to you and hope it gets sorted quickly :smile: *hugs&
  5. Make sure you take a screenshot of that auction. I don't think she will have a leg to stand on, because she cannot return the bag to you in order to get a refund. She was not saying that the bag was not authentic, just the wrong color... which you said you had clearly stated in your description. Let them know she has already sold the bag to someone else, that should take care of it. I had 3 disputes going at the same time. All were resolved within a weeks time. Although these were disputes opened by me, not by the seller. This may make a difference in how long it will take... don't know.
  6. I bet she sold it and the other buyer complained about the color or something and sent it back so now she thinks she can just send it back too...geez, hopefully eBay will figure all this out...if it's been out of your possession for almost a month and also sold on to someone else, how can you still be responsible for it...eBay is just SOOO frustrating sometimes..and they could care less about what freezing money does to people..they just yank first and ask questions later...
  7. Sigh. Ebay and paypal are so not worth the stress! :sad:

    Tell paypal everything you've told us and before sure to provide proof of everything! Give them your auction number so they can read your description, provide plenty of pics, give them the buyer's listing number and also any emails that you exchanged.

    I agree with aemmy. I don't think the buyer has a leg to stand on with this complaint. The *color* was not as described isn't a legitimate complaint that paypal would usually side with the buyer. You should be ok. Good luck!
  8. One of the safest things you can do as soon as you are paid on PayPal is to move all the funds to a more secure place, i.e. your own bank account. Can this be done? I can't imagine why not....

    Having your earnings in PayPal is so tenuous, they can just go in and freeze it at anytime, it's terrible! Moving funds out of there is one of the safest moves, so PayPal cannot withdraw in favor of the plaintiff.

    Hope all works out well in your favor.
  9. I had a dispute from a buyer and Paypal held my account for at least 1 and half month, and finally I won the dispute....took really long time!!!!
  10. That is just crazy! She bought the bag...resold the bag...and now wants a refund??? What are these ebayers coming too?
  11. Just keep your ducks in a row. Keep notes and pay close attention to detail. You can call Paypal (it is HARD to find the number) and explain this to a live person. You need to tell them that she resold the bag, and have all auction numbers as well. Good Luck! I hate people like her! UGH!
  12. i had a dispute with a buyer some time back, who complained to paypal the the bag is used. ???!!! I listed a USED bag! Of course it has been used, duh! So I referred Paypal to my auction pics (luckily I had big close-up pics) and a detailed description which showed very clearly all the signs of use. I rebutted each of the buyer's complaints and each time referred to my pics and description, and I won the claim. It's clearly a sign of buyer's remorse (from a zero-bidder).

    So, refer Paypal to your auction pics and description and give a detailed explanation to Paypal.

    Maybe you can refer Paypal to her auction too, to show that she has already sold this bag, so how can she file a claim now? I think Paypal should know what to do after they see her auction.
  13. Thanks everyone for your support.

    i have provided paypal with my auction and her auction. i told them also that on her auction he coppied my wordings and most of my pics. i have already deleted most of my pics from my auction from my photo imaging but some are still up. so hopefully that will help in my favor.

    as for the funds i uaully transfer my money out into my checking account. but since paypal frooze my funds im in deep crap since i have many auctions ending this week and i cant change the paypal address anymore since i have bidders.
    this totally sucks cuz the funds that are coming in are needed cuz im moving on the 15th.
  14. Maybe they will decide the case quickly and release the funds!!!!
  15. How odd. How can she get a refund after selling on the bag - she can't return it! Cake/eat. When Paypal see that she's sold it on, they'll know she's a scammer.