Buyer sold me counterfeit, but refunded me, now wants to mutually cancel transaction

  1. I bought what turned out to be a fake Alexander McQueen skull scarf. Thankfully after I filed a dispute with paypal, the seller returned my money after I sent the scarf back to her.

    Now she wants to mutually end the transaction, where she will get refunded her fees for the auction. Personally, from an ethical perspective, I don't want her to get her money back because she sold me a counterfeit. If I mutually end the transaction, I will not be able to give her any feedback (which I plan to do because she sells fake items). I am also out about $15 in shipping both ways.

    She can also leave me negative feedback because she responded to the paypal claim, so I am also setting myself up for retalitory feedback. If this happens, I will use Square Trade to remove her feedback.

    Opinions on not agreeing to mutually remove the feedback?
  2. If she knowingly is selling fakes, morally, I would want to warn others. Be prepared for the feedback, and take it to ST if she does. If there's a chance she didn't know, then I may feel differently. She will most likely relist the scarf to some other unknowing buyer. It's too bad eBay doesn't flag accounts like this and put an end to it. Most likely she'll continue, so buyer's should do what they can to help each other.

    Do you have both a buying/selling ID? I would block her from any ID you have.
  3. Mutually agreeing to close a dispute is not the same as mutually withdrawing feedback. You can mutually agree to close the dispute if you wish and still leave FB. Knowingly selling fakes deserves a neg. It will warn other buyers away. If she relists it, I would report it to eBay.
  4. i wouldn't go along with what she wants
  5. I just reread my first post and realized my last sentence is wrong ... what I meant to ask was for people's opinions on mutually agreeing to not complete the transaction, not removing feedback.
  6. Do you have a feeling that she knew the scarf was a fake? If you get that gut feeling, by all means, leave heavy duty feedback.
  7. I wouldn't do it. Why the heck should she deserve to get her eBay fees back?
    Seeing as how you're out $15 for shipping I don't see why she should be able get her ebay fees back (especially for selling a fake!!)
    I would absolutely neg her, too and report all her auctions in the future.
  8. ^^ agree!
  9. OK, I rejected her request for mutually not completing the transaction. I also put in a message that I refuse to allow her to get her fees back for selling counterfeit merchandise. I did not receive a strike, either. Boy, that felt good! I bet she'll be pretty peeved that I didn't agree to it!
  10. wow I would be pissed! Good decision on not giving her fees back. Let us know how it goes!
  11. I would complete the transaction, do not let her get away with fees, and leave her neg fb, as an advocate of fair and honest trading, I believe it is the duty of buyers to help keep the place safe for the rest of us. Don't worry about retaliatory fb others can see you were nothing but a victim. If % really bothers you, just start another ID.

  12. I absolutly agree with this. Why would she get her fee's $$ back when you paid shipping both ways??

  13. I certainly wouldn't mutually end the transaction and you know I wouldn't mutually remove the feedback, either, Lori. :nogood:

    If eBay is ever going to be a safe-ish place to trade, we have to try our best to be honest.

    Yes, we should give people the benefit of the doubt, if there is even a small chance that they are in the right and/or have just made an honest mistake; but in this case, that is, clearly, not the case (unless she didn't realise it was fake?). :nogood:

  14. Good for you! :tup: :flowers:
  15. I think that you should pat yourself on the back because you absolutely did the right thing! Good for you on not allowing her to get away with this!