Buyer says they haven't received item and filed a claim!

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  1. I'm so frustrated right now - I sold a camera on ebay about a month ago to Italy and sent it Air Letter Post so didn't receive a tracking number. The buyer told me this week that they haven't received it and filed a claim and now the money is being held in my Paypal account. I don't know what to do, I'm so wishing I had a tracking number on it now! I do have the receipt from the post office from when I mailed it out and even scanned it and sent it to the buyer but they haven't responded yet.

    Is there any way that the package can be located with the customs form number? I have sold so many items on ebay and never had a problem, and I can't believe I'm about to be out a camera AND the money it sold for!! Can anyone offer some advice?
  2. Sorry to be the one to tell you... you need that tracking number as well as a receipt with the postal address! It's only the proof that Paypal accepts.

    Hope it works out. :sad:
  3. You can refund and move on. I don't ship internationally (except Canada).
  4. You really do need a tracking number. Sorry. That is why I ONLY ship via USPS Express Mail when I ship international. It's expensive but you get on-line tracking.

    Good luck!
  5. I ship EVERTHING via Global Express reegardless of the value. The item gets to my buyer faster and its insured (the first $100 is included in the initial price and then I pay the difference) and there is tracking for it. I had a rather large box with baskets in it get to the UK in 4 business days last week. Global Express costs more, but its so worth it.
  6. Can you contact the company that shipped the item and tell them whats happened?. I am sure they must have an internal tracking system. I think that is where you should start. Did you insure the item?
  7. Sigh..that's what I was afraid of...thanks for the help though everyone! Learned my lesson now for sure. It was via USPS, maybe I'll try asking them but it's probably not worth it.
  8. You can give USPS the customs form you were given and they can hopefully track it, they told me that it needs to be at least 30 days from the time it was shipped, then they will began investigating where it is. As for Paypal, your scr*wed. I had this exact same situation happen to me, and there was nothing paypal would except as proof except a tracking number.

    Take Oh Donna's advice and mine too, if you are going to ship internationally always use global express mail.
  9. If you didnt purchase insurance or tracking you arent able to locate it, or file a lost claim with the postal service.
    I hope with the Christmas delay your item arrives to them soon.
    Good luck!
  10. Parcel post includes ordinary - i.e. uninsured - indemnity coverage against loss, damage, or rifling up to the amounts shown in Exhibit 281.3.

    That is from the USPS site, there is some recourse if your package is lost internationally and you sent it parcel post, which is usually the cheapest way to mail...
  11. Don't refund any money without at least trying to resolve it. Call Paypal and see if the receipt will be enough. They can help you out.
  12. Ok I called Paypal and they said the only thing they can use is a tracking number. I did however go to the post office with the receipt and they looked up the customs form number and said all they can tell so far is that it left the US, the Italian post office has to take the next action. I was told that with the holiday season there could definitely be a delay and that since it will have been 30 days since I sent it out tomorrow, there is a number I can call to report it as lost or something. SO frustrating though! I've been keeping the buyer up-to-date with all this information too but they haven't responded at all.

    The lady helping me at the post office actually said that this happens quite commonly with Italy, much more than any other country. Wish I had known this earlier, I'm thinking about not offering shipping there anymore now...anyway, thanks for all of your help again!

    Jen loves LV, I sent it Air Letter Post, is that different from Parcel Post? It was with USPS. Thanks for the info though!
  13. I know this is not much help, but I sold a Brand new Mulberry bag to someone in the UK with "0" feedback in Nov. I have NEVER had any problems with shipping Internationally, but Stupid me, I did not pay as much attention when doing my shipping forms and ended up shipping Global Express Mail:sad: on 12/01/06. Last week the Buyer contacted me to tell me he had not received the bag and it was for his wife's X-Mas gift. He wanted to know if I could find out any info on this end and so I went on a mission to start tracking its progress...:shocked: and that is when I found out the Global Express Mail does not scan the item at each destination and there is NO insurance:cursing: . Anyway, long story short, he was going to give me until today to receive the package or her wanted a refund to be able to go get a replacement gift. I got the email Tues saying he GOT it!:yahoo: :yahoo: So, I guess just try to be a little patient and maybe it will all work out and should you ever decide to sell International again, don't be an idiot like I was and send any thing of ANY value Global express mail...:shame:
    I wish you luck and will keep my fingers crossed for you!
  14. Robynbenz are you sure it was sent Global Express and not priority? Global Express IS insured automatically for the first $100 and then its up to you to pay the additional amount. Its also trackable. Thats why its so much more expensive.
  15. I agree with what everyone else said but I'd like to point out that post is very slow this time of the year. I've sent several packages to U.S that haven't still arrived and I'm also waiting for some from U.S that I haven't received yet.
    So, it probably isn't lost, just delayed :yes: