Buyer says there was bleach in package she received


Dec 3, 2007
I sold two airline amenity kits on eBay this week to a buyer. One priced $6 and the other $9, so just $15, with free shipping. I sent them out right away as I usually do and buyer messaged me today she received them today. And as the title says, she says there was bleach in the package!

At first, I thought one of the toiletries broke and caused the spillage to get the pouches wet. So I apologized and asked her to return for full refund. And if she would rather keep them as is, I can give her $5 partial refund.

Then I get the second message, telling me that there was actual liquid bleach inside the poly mailer I shipped. From the way she put it, she believed I put it there, as a way to disinfect. Sigh... Most of my items are new and unused, hence do not need "cleaning." I never disinfected anything I ever sold and in fact, I do not own any bleach product in the house. Oh wait. I guess I have Clorox toilet wand disks.:idea:

She said from how the bag was sealed, only way it could have been there was that it was placed when I packed it.:shocked: I used bubble sheet to wrap the items when they don't need to be bubble sheets, just because I wanted to make sure all goes safely. Why in the world would I try to ruin it with bleach?

Anyhoo, she says the trouble of return is not worth it and wants only partial refund of $10. :doh:


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Feb 25, 2007
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I disagree with the other 2 posters' advice.

I do believe you got a scammer -- NO DOUBT!!

But here's why I disagree with the advice to tell her "return for refund."

You sold both items for a total of $15 with free shipping. Of that $15, $1.50 went for ebay FVf, $.70 went to paypal and about $5 went for shipping (if it was first class). So out of that, you netted $7.80.

Do you really want to pay for a shipping label to get back the items?

Personally, I think your $5 offer was more than fair but in this case, give the extortionist the freaking $10 she wants, cut your losses and add her to your BBL.

(Also, please either post or send me her ID so I can block her too.)


Feb 25, 2015
I would have her return at the first place, never offer partial refund and I don't offer free shipping either, everyone should have the skin in the game, free shipping attract buyers but also attract cheap buyers, if someone really wants something they would pay shipping for it.

If it's me I would asked her to return, no sale no ebay and paypal charge (correct me if i'm wrong), plus, I can afford to lose $20 to learn a lesson.
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