Buyer Says She Wouldn't Pay and now Pays. Should I Be Worried?

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  1. I just sold something on eBay ($70-ish) last week. The buyer bid on the item the night before the item ended and the very next day (with a few hours to go in the listing) she messaged me about cancelling her bid and did the same thing when the item ended. Her reason was:

    I knew it was buyer's remorse. This excuse of someone else "placing the bid" is way overrated.

    I told her I would NOT cancel the transaction because by bidding, buyers agree to a contract. So I messaged her back and said I will let eBay resolve this and will file a Non-Paid Buyer accordingly.

    Tonight when I logged on eBay I saw that she paid for the item!?! With the following message:

    Maybe I'm paranoid but I'm afraid she will receive the item and say it's used/damaged, this is a Brand New NWT item, and then possibly do a switch or something.

    What should I do?
  2. Maybe she is just trying to avoid the NPB strike...? You can't really cancel at this point after threatening her with a strike if she didn't pay. I mean, it's odd, but technically she did what you wanted......

    Also, what does her feedback look like?
  3. ^ot but sexy shoes!!

    I think that her paying you threw you off since you're expecting her to not pay and for you to do a strike and relist, since she paid you'd have to ship or cancel
    which is what she wanted..I think she's calling your bluff or simply wasn't so strong about having it canceled and decided to just pay anyway since it's 70 not 700 or 7000

    I'd ship it out and cover all my bases
  4. ^ thank you!

    And I agree! The OP needs to ship at this point.
  5. As a seller on ebay, I can't stand that excuse. If true, they should take it as a lesson, pay for the item and be more responsible about leaving ebay up unattended. I had to learn that same lesson myself. I left an ebay page up while logged in and my 5yo daughter clicked a BIN on the ugliest lot of 3 hoodies I've ever seen. I was making dinner and when I came back to the computer, she had clicked all the way to "continue to paypal" page. I wasn't about to fault the seller for my mistake. So I immediately purchased the hoodies and donated them to Salvation Army.
  6. Buyer has 8 feedback. I am willing to ship the item, probably with insurance for extra precaution. But I'm just afraid the buyer will do a switch or something.....
  7. I wouldn't ship, just refund. She doesn't want it so will probably try to pull SNAD/ return it anyway.
  8. Haha if she does that at 5, imagine at 15 :nuts::lol:
  9. I don't blame you. It's honestly terrifying to sell on eBay anymore.

    I would put some sort of security tag on the item so that if she does try to pull something, she cannot return anything BUT that item, KWIM?
  10. I would complete the sale and send the item.
  11. She did what you criticized her for not doing. You can't have it both ways. I would just ship the item.
  12. I just shipped the item with Insurance.
  13. hope it all goes okay for you,good luck!
  14. GL. I hope you attached some sort of security tag to protect yourself.
  15. OP, I hope everything goes okay for you.

    Can I ask, what does everyone mean by attaching a security tag? :confused1: