Buyer Says My Bag Is Fake!!! HELP

  1. Okay, so I sold a Gucci Bag. Buyer bought it, paid and I shipped, with Signature Confirmation and Insurance. I checked USPS and it said it was delivered. I E-mailed the buyer and asked if she could leave me feedback when she gets a chance. She says she hasn't received the bag. I told her the bag was delivered and signed for. She denies this so I tell her that since the bag was signed for its on her end to investigate it. I don't hear from her for a couple of days and then she E-mails me and says she wants a refund and that the bag is fake. I bought the bag myself at Gucci I know its not fake. She has now escalated a Paypal claim. What do I do? Can she just say the bag is fake and get her money back. Or does Paypal make her prove in some way that its fake? What exactly can Paypal do to my account? Thanks!
  2. You may want to have the bag authenticated by and forward the result to your buyer and paypal and have the buyer drop the claim.

    Good luck and keep us updated!
  3. First she says she didn't get it, even tho she signed for it. Then she says it is fake? Make sure you keep your e-mails from this awful person!
  4. Definitely sounds fishy to me! I agree with jmcadon, keep all of your emails... If she is claiming the bag is fake, I believe it's her responsibility to provide documentation to PayPal proving that it is fake. So she will wind up having to pay MyPoupette to authenticate it and then send the info to PayPal. I don't think they just take the buyer's word for it and refund. Do you have pictures of the bag so that you could get it authenticated as well? It does sound like something else is going on if she claimed that she didn't receive it and now claims it's fake. Good luck with this one! Keep us posted as to what the outcome is.
  5. Thanks girls. Yes I kept all of my pictures, but I sent her the receipt. I probably should have kept that as well, or at least a copy. Thanks for the great advice!
  6. Hi Kaokim - I am sorry that you are going through this and l do agree with the other posts that she is likely to be a scammer!!! However, did you put a tag on your bag as it is possible that she may do a "bait and switch" and possibly email photos of a fake bag to my poupette. Although it costs a small amount of money she could get a real bag for the cost of verification only if Paypal decides to side with her!!!!

  7. Agree skigirl. I would be concerned she might even return a fake bag....
    be really careful.
  8. I think what Paypal does is if the person wants a refund they must send the product back to you but I'm afraid that the person might send you back a fake which would really suck.
  9. If you bought the bag at Gucci fairly recently, and you still have the credit card you used (assuming you did), try calling the boutique and asking for another receipt as well as a confirmation of what you purchased. I'm not sure how far back they keep the records but it's worth a shot...
  10. What was the item number? Maybe the photos on the listing will be sufficient for PayPal. They were for mine once before but I usually provide anywhere from 10 to 20 photos.
  11. hello dear, keep as much evidence as you can, i had a similar experience some weeks ago and though i had an eye widness for all my actions, not only receipt and special letter from hermes, paypal decided against me. they are not daring to fight the big credit card companies. if i knew back then, it was so easy to be cheated, i would have closed my paypal account immeadiately before they took my money back. i will never !! use paypal again.
  12. oh no.. this sounds so horrible - please keep us updated. really sorry this happend to you. (((hugs)))
  13. *HUGS* I'm so sorry sweetie! Did you use a security tag?

    As an aside...someone gave me advice ages ago...never email to ask for feedback! It opens up a can of worms you never want. Assume no feedback = everything is OK! Let them initiate things...believe me, if there was a problem she would have been emailing like crazy!

    Have you checked her recent history? Make sure she didn't buy one just like yours and will do a switch?
  14. ^^^^ Thanks N. No I didn't use a security tag. I'm kicking myself now for it! I will never E-mail for feedback again. I did a google search with her user name and she buys a ton of bags on Ioffer....that can't be good. I really hope she doesn't try to do a switch. I emptied the funds out of my eBay account. I guess thats all I can really do. I will attach security tags from now on!!!
  15. There's nothing you can do about not using the security tag for this one, so don't beat yourself up about it too much. Good idea to empty your PayPal account. If you have no money in there, they can hold the funds all they want but you can't get blood from a stone! The Ioffer thing is a bit scary... Hopefully she doesn't return a fake.