Buyer says bag is fake wants refund PRIOR to return, got neg fb!!

  1. Help!!! I sold an AUTHENTIC fendi bag on eBay and the buyer sent me an email saying that the bag was fake. she said she had it "looked at" but won't say who or where it was looked at. She wants her money refunded BEFORE she returns it! She wrote me this email a week ago and I did not get it as it ended up in my junk mail folder. She did not use eBay message center until after she left me a neg FB so I had no warning whatsoever! So now I have a mark on my record and she is threatening to report me to the "authorities" (vague) unless I pay her refund prior to getting my item back. I feel like I am being blackmailed! Help!
  2. Beware of the bait and switch!!! Don't refund her, she could have filed a SNAD but didn't yet? Did she pay with paypal?
  3. I wouldn't refund her.
  4. She paid with paypal but did not file a claim yet. I tagged my bag so she couldn't switch it which may be why she is asking for payment prior to return. I am so bummed. I listed a bunch of stuff for Christmas and the auctions will probably lose me a bunch of money now because no one will trust me. I'm off of work this year to stay home with my baby and really wanted to make some extra money to buy my kids Christmas presents. I think I'm going to cry. I think she left me a neg. fb to blackmail me into doing a refund. Why would she not try to contact me through the eBay email system if she really thought the bag was fake? I always use that one if I am contacting sellers to ensure they get my message!
  5. I would wait for her to file a PP claim and then further await PP's instructions as she will have to prove it is fake. Leave her a neg in return and add a comment to your neg from her explaining the situation.
  6. Please make sure you reply to that negative feedback in a calm and decent way. Whoever bought from eBay with experience would know many neg. feedbacks are just blackmails.

    Don't refund her and wait. In the meantime, quickly withdraw the money from PayPal to your bank account! She has to provide proof of returning before claiming for refund. I feel she is a scammer. She is trying to get an authentic bag for free.
  7. ^ I heard that PayPal can get the money direct from your bank account even if you withdraw it out of your PayPal account into it.

    I agree with HandbagAngel to respond to the negative feedback in a calm and professional manner. That'll help the buyer look like the nut job she is.

    Sorry to hear about your situation. That sucks! I would definitely ask for a letter of (non) authenticity that shows it was checked by a Fendi bag expert. I would imagine that PayPal would expect her to have that proof also.

    I still buy from people who have received negative feedback by looking at what was going on as there are vindictive psychotic buyers and sellers out there and it's not fair to the honest people on eBay.
  8. No way should you refund her. she probably chanbed her mind about it and decided to get a quick refund. I would respond to her neg and say it is authentic and she is being nasty about getting money back. If she says someone says its fake she needs written confirmation even for paypal to refund. Dont worry about other auctions, if your other feedback is ok, one wont hurt..
  9. Oh..I forgot to mention. PayPal had something on their site about how a buyer doesn't get a refund until the item is returned.
  10. ugh! She is saying because I didn't respond to her immediately (email ended up in junk folder, plus we had a 48 hour power outage), she took the security tag off. She is still saying that she wants the money back prior to return AND now she's claiming that another ebayer wrote her and also complained about me selling a fake bag to her as well! Nobody complained to me about it! I asked her for the ebay ID of that person and did not get a response. She still won't tell me where she got it "authenticated". I am so sick of this ebay thing already! Is there any way I can get her off my back? She still hasn't files with paypal... I'm assuming because she knows she won't win. I'm so over it!:cursing:
  11. Tell her the only way she will get her money back is if she files a claim through paypal and wins!

    Sounds like a scammer to me, I would never remove a security tag on an item I thought to be fake...
  12. dont refund her money back adn take out ALL your money in paypal:tup:
  13. ^ I agree. I'd take the money out and refuse a refund. She isn't even giving you any legitimate information.
  14. Took the security tag off because you didn't respond right away??? Sounds like a load of BS to me! Definitely do not refund her, and if she files a claim, fight her tooth and nail! If you are sure the bag is authentic, you have nothing to worry about. I would respond to her email stating: "No returns will be accepted for merchandise that has been tampered with. By removing my security tag, you have agreed to keep the item" (hopefully you stated something like this in your listing).

    I think if you tell PayPal she took your security tag off, they should side with you. Please let us know what happens. Good luck!
  15. Oh no way! First of all, if she removed the security tag then I would not even think about a refund, she already broke your policy. Second of all, there is no way that I would refund anyone prior to having the bag back in my possesion. This sounds very strange to me, I would be worried about a scam here.