Buyer said she didnt receive item, help!!

  1. Ok so I sent a buyer 2 items (not bags, gift cards actually) They were sent via usps insured for the full amount. Buyer received and is saying that the box was empty!!! The cards were in there. Dont know what to do? I have tracking information but what is going to happen now? I sent tracking information to paypal but am nervous about the outcome. I am nervous that either the buyer is trying to scam me or someone stole the gift cards out of the box before they got to her? She has really good feedback!! :wtf: OMG I have never had to file something for insurance with the post office, can any of you give me info. Will they pay even though the package was signed for??? Will I loose the money to paypal for what I sold??
  2. Hi, just wanted to say that I'm so sorry to hear about this! I don't know much about this - but isn't there a way that you can call the companies the gift cards are from and report them stolen? The companies should be able to refund any unused funds, if you have the numbers of the gift cards. That way, you'll be able to tell the buyer that you tried, and find out if someone actually used them or not. Hope things go smoothly for you and good luck!
  3. The gift cards were left over from gifts we got for a new home purchase, we didn't buy the cards ourselves!! So I don't receipts and I didn't keep the card numbers, yes I know stupid!! Also I forgot to mention the buyer paid me with a money order because she didn't have paypal.
  4. File the insurance claim with the post office. Thats what insurance is for! :yes:
  5. It sounds really strange, were they in an envelope of just a box?
    I would file a claim with the post office, but I'm not sure of their policy involving giftcards. Call 1800-ask-usps, I hate their automated system, but if you keep saying claims eventually you'll get a rep.
  6. Sounds fishy to me, but I'm always sceptical of people trying to scam others. I agree with Westiegirl, I would ring up USPS and see what they say, I guess the buyer is accusing them of removing the cards, and since you paid insurance you should be able to get the money back, but I think it takes quite a while. Good luck! :smile:
  7. The good news for you is that she DIDN'T use Paypal. Paypal isn't involved, they will not freeze your balance.
  8. I had $500 in Express gift cards stolen from me and Express could do nothing about it. :cursing:
  9. You paid for insurance, so file a claim. Technically the buyer has no recourse if she didn't use paypal and you have proof of delivery -cards inside or not. I would refund her if USPS refunds you. I am apt to think this buyer is running a scam with this tho. Have her take pictures of the box as it arrived, etc. to prove her case to you. Act like you believe her and need "proof" for filing your claim.
    You should have written down the gift cert. numbers so you could call and see if the credits have been used.
  10. Ditto. Do that as soon as possible. Your purchase of insurance should cover everything.