Buyer rips out pants, then demands return - sigh.

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  1. I hate it when people are full of it.

    I send this buyer a brand new pair of pants, with tags - pristine perfect condition. Gorgeous pants, too...I ALMOST kept them for myself but then decided to list them!

    Sooooo the buyer contacts me demanding an "immediate refund" and a return shipping label, saying that there is a 1.5 inch tear. I always give the benefit of the doubt...while it's not likely that I missed something, it's always possible.

    So they send pictures of the tear. It's certainly there - but it wasn't there when I sent the pants. It's a tear by the belt loop above the rear right pocket. Obviously caused by yanking up the pants by the belt loops when putting them on.

    Fortunately in the listing there just happens to be 2 pics of that exact area, one a close-up...both clearly showing that there was no rip. I was almost hoping for the opposite, because it would have been so much more simple! Ugh.

    So anyway - 15 minutes after they initially contacted me about the tear, they buy ANOTHER pair of pants from me (which they haven't paid for yet). They want me to send a paid return shipping label with this new pair. Oh, joy.

    So now of course I stand in the face of not one, but two potential negatives after almost 5,000 positives.

    I sent them a polite message awhile ago pointing out the obvious (non-ripped pics in the listing). I told them that even though they were NOT damaged when I sent them that I would take the return as a courtesy...but that it is only fair that they pay for their own return shipping given the circumstances.

    Even though I'm extremely upset that they have the audacity to damage the item then try to return it (at my expense, no less!), I'm taking the return because it just isn't worth the time and effort to fight something that PayPal will more than likely give them in the end, anyway.

    Who knows how this is going to turn out - what a total pain in the ass.

    Gar this sucks!

  2. eeshk, what a bummer, we all know what paypal are like for siding with buyers these days, but surely shirley, they couldn't side with her if the listing clearly shows no hole ?
  3. I wouldn't bet on it - it's so hard to get PayPal to side with you on SNADs. Not only that but then a negative will certainly be forthcoming from the buyer, which I am hoping to avoid.

    If it had been a $150+ item, I might have fought it, but for this one it just isn't worth the time.
  4. That sucks. WTF is wrong with people these days???
  5. For the future, put tyvek through one of the loops so you know you are getting back the same pr you sent. Also mark the tag with a UV pen.
  6. I don't know - it's so annoying. I understand money is tight right now for everyone, but that doesn't give you a license to basically steal from someone.

    They have a armband through the label loop, so they're the same pair of pants - they just damaged them. Cool idea about the UV pen, I haven't seen one of those!
  7. omg i'm so sorry this happened to you! i hate it when buyers are not honnest! I have a buyer right now that is giving me some headaches about shipping as well!
  8. Personally I'd try the "must have happened in shipping, I'll need to make a USPS claim, send back the pants and ALL the shipping/packaging. I may need you to write something for USPS in order for them to process the claim." You know it didn't happen in shipping, the BUYER knows it didn't happen in shipping, so she'll need to have a lot of chutzpah to go forward with this. I've done this a couple of times when I knew the buyer was trying to work me. It seems to make the dishonest/scamming ones drop the subject.
  9. I like that idea, but who knows if it would work. It may be worth a try if you are going to take them back anyway.

    I am very sorry that this happened to you. Don't forget to block them from future purchases.
  10. Yeah, IMHO there's not much risk, once a seller recognizes that the buyer holds all the cards :smile: It has worked for me twice, both instances when I knew the buyer was flat-out lying. I'm happy to step up if I've sold something and missed a flaw -- absolutely. And I'm happy to give people the benefit of the doubt. BUT when I know I'm being scammed, I'm prepared to do whatever to defend myself.
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    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    ^^^ the buyer doesn't care that I know she's lying - like I said, there are pics in the listing that clearly show that the item wasn't torn.

    Normally I would lay a major smack-down, but the price of the item doesn't justify the time and effort I would have to put into it, KWIM? I'll just end up with a stupid (and undeserved) neg anyway. I've blocked the buyer and just want them to be gone as quickly as possible.

    IF I could leave a negative I might have a little leverage, but as we all know...not possible. It's just a shame that I won't be able to leave honest feedback for them.

    Most of my buyers are pretty normal, but once in awhile a real crazy will come along - I used to fight tooth and toenail when I knew that I was "in the right", but eventually I figured out that sometimes even when you win, you lose. I try to a little more selective with my battles these days :smile:

    Karma baby...karma.
  12. It is sad to think how pathetic people can be and the measures they have to resort


    If you have the original pics that show that the loops are in tact, I would fight this

    I would call paypal and let them know what this buyer has done.
  13. ^^^ I know, it's totally pathentic. I was going to fight it, I was SO MAD last night when she first contacted me. I had this huge message ready to send - then my husband talked me down.

    I think DH just didn't want to hear me b*tch about it for the next week :rolleyes: Thankfully there's tPF for that LOL!
  14. It really is a shame that some people can ruin it for everyone else :tdown:
    I am sorry that you are having to deal with this.
  15. I can see why your willing to accept the return but i dont think it's right. By you allowing the return w/ her knowing that you know it wasnt damaged when shipped is just going to let her think she can continue to do this to other sellers. buyers are getting away with all this crap in part b/c sellers fear getting a neg. so they let it slid but when will it come to a stop.

    unless sellers stop being scared and dont back down they should stop complaining about bad buyers and all the stunts they pull