Buyer reused old shipping label w/ barcode after 6 months?

  1. I got an email from today asking me to pay $6.05. No biggie, but, the shipping label was from February, paid for via Paypal, shipped to a buyer in PA. The notice stated that the label has been reused in August, and the package was shipped to OH???? :wtf:

    I am suspecting that the buyer reused the label barcode (cut/scan and paste) and stick it on his package to OH. :cursing:

    Lucky me I've all the records and can do an appeal. My suggestion is to print out everything, even D/C, and file them. Do not throw them away!
  2. Wow, this is a new low! :wtf: This is disgusting. I hope you win your appeal. Please keep us posted, and thanks for the warning. I'm so sorry.
  3. Wow! Never heard of this one, that is horrible. :cursing: Let us know how it turns out Beejerry.
  4. Oy, how low can they go?
    Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Another new one I'd never heard before. Geesh! Keep us informed.
  6. This is mail fraud, you should definately pursue it.

    I love the convenience of being able to print my labels at home, but if the post office starts losing money to scammers they could possibly take it all away.

    Please keep us updated.
  7. Geez, I have never heard of that!! and I agree with 4theluvof-it, that's mail fraud. Besides, it seems to me whenever they would scan it at the points, it would be invalid, it seems that that may tip them off.
  8. I thought it was a phishing email, but no.

    Exactly, how low can scammers go? I talked to my local PO supervisor, and he was not surprised. Suggested me to call the Postal Inspector. If my appeal is denied, I will ring the PI up.
  9. gosh !
    whats next- are people that desperate to scam every aspect of this world..
    that is so so crazy
  10. That's crazy - you think that package would just be tossed out because it would be TOO old - good luck with your appeal!
  11. thats strange...

    but i do keep a folder with all receipts or paypal/usps & DC purchased for anything eBay related. its come in handy twice already. too many dumb asses out there.
  12. :shocked: ckckc, paethic, she even can't pay $ 6.5 to send her package?? :nogood:
  13. ohhh I am so glad that I have kept all of my paperwork! I would have never thought in a million years that this could happen. What will they come up with next to save a buck??? :cursing:
  14. GOOD GRIEF!! What is up with people??!?! :shrugs:
  15. This is a new one for me too! Thought I had heard it all.