Buyer Returns Even Though You Don't Accept Returns

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  1. What can you do in this case? It seems to me it makes it almost impossible to win a dispute.
  2. Well, wait a minute, what happened?

    Did someone send you an unauthorized return? If a buyer just returns something without contacting you first, they have voided eBay's buyer protection policy.
  3. This ^. They may have initiated a chargeback
  4. The only way a buyer can return an item is if it is not as described. I have been through this with PayPal a few times and on both sides of the issue. If the item is not authentic, eBay & PayPal instructs the buyer not to return the item. But if it's just a "not as described" issue, they also instruct the buyer to file a case first and try to work with the seller. PayPal should not initiate a charge back if all of the steps have not been followed. You need to call PayPal immediately to prevent a chargeback.
  5. What you're describing is not what happened with the OP.

    As I'm understanding OP, someone returned an item without contacting you, without filing a dispute and you don't have a return policy?

    If this is correct, as Missbanff said, your buyer has voided her BP.

    I can't find the policy for unauthorized returns, but this one disallows not abiding by a seller's return policy:


    • Returning a faulty item or an item that was significantly not as described
    • Returning an item within the terms of the seller's return policy
    Not allowed

    • Returning a different item (e.g. a used or older model of the same product or an empty box)
    • Not returning the item as it was sent to you (e.g. returning a TV without the remote control)
    • Returning an item that has been damaged after being delivered
    • Claiming an item is not as described in order to circumvent a seller's return policy
    • Not following the terms of the seller's return policy
    • A pattern of purchasing items and receiving excessive refunds
  6. Actually it isn't exactly like that. What happened is that first the buyer asked me how to return because the item was fake. I ignored her question about returning and explained why the item was authentic. Then she accused me of being aggressive and said she was sending it back. Then I explained that I don't offer returns. Her next message claimed she didn't read the email that said I didn't offer returns until after she had already sent the bag.

    My worry is that I didn't clearly post that I don't accept returns.

    I'm also worried that she will just get her credit card company to refund her, in which case, I'll lose the shipping cost as well.
  7. As much as it sucks to be accused of selling a fake when it's not fake and to have a buyer lie about not seeing that you don't have a return policy, you're probably better off just taking the return and refunding her purchase price of the item.

    Your description doesn't have to state "no returns" as long as it's states it in the TOS at the top of the listing. If a listing shows as 14 returns you can set a policy on who pays shipping.

    I'd love this buyer's ID to add to my BBL.
  8. I wonder if OP had originally selected "no returns" in her TOS at the top, which eBay is now changing to "buyer has not specified a return policy". The buyer may have thought she could return the item anyway.

    I hope the buyer doesn't do a bait and switch.
  9. Is there a way to change the "buyer has not specified a return policy" in the listing?
  10. There's been ebay board discussion about this "glitch." IMO, it's not a glitch but ebay's purposeful way of allowing ambiguity so buyers don't know what a seller's actual policy is and sellers who honest list without a return policy find their listings are defaulting to a no-specified-policy.

    The reason I think this is intentional on ebay's part is because sellers WITH return policies didn't find their listings changed and those listings still clearly state a 14-day return. It's only "no refund" sellers who found the change.

    I don't know whether it's possible to change your listing back to no refunds without trying to edit a listing and see if it works.
  11. I tried editing 3 listings and it didn't change. :sad:
  12. From the discussions I've read on various boards, it is completely intentional by eBay so that the buyer "feels more comfortable" because they aren't directly shown "NO RETURNS ACCEPTED" and will purchase an item when they otherwise would not. Definitely NOT a glitch.

    It really screws sellers who do not accept returns because the buyer thinks they are able to return an item - and are therefore about 2846231293873 more times likely to OPEN A CASE against a seller.
  13. When you get the item back, PLEASE double triple check and make sure they didn't switch it out for a fake one. Good luck!
  14. Thanks for all the help. I figure it will be easier to just give her a refund. At least this way I can keep the shipping cost. I can see that either you should charge a padded shipping price or offer returns so you can charge a restocking fee. If you offer free shipping, someone returns it and you don't have a stated restocking fee, you'll lose your shipping cost and part of the paypal fee.

    I'm not worried she'll send back a fake. The style is so rare, it would be impossible to find a fake that looks like it. I just have to make sure that it hasn't been damaged. I have no idea what I would do then.

  15. This literally just happened to me. I sold a dress, free shipping and no returns, eBay changed it.. Buyer let the item sit at the post office for a month and then returned it...she filed an "item not recieved" and won. I had to refund her in FULL and ended up taking a loss in shipping (+ depreciation of item) eBay screws us all.