Buyer returns destroyed bag... now what..

  1. WOW! That is absolutely awful! Definitely call paypal-supposedly you should have buyer protection. Did you refund her $ before you got the bag back? I, seriously, would send it back to her & not refund the $.
  2. I really would like to believe it was an accident - but the way the cut looks along with the behavior, this seems to be one of those special kind of people that will do or say anything to get what they want.

    More CSI -The cut itself also looks like they specifically ran their little implement (box cutter I think) along an existing line of light veining, which I noticed after reading one message from this person that said (caps hers) "you ADMITTED there could be VEINING". I read that and went "oh you must be kidding.. so let me guess, she found some veining and enhanced it?" I went and looked at the cut again, and by golly, that is very much what it looks like.

    The good thing is - it is not a super pricey bag - tho it was a nice one. I do have a good leather person that I work with, but this is a cut with hard lines (as opposed to a scratch or scuff), so I don't know how much it can be minimized. I am hopeful.

    Ultra annoying is that I was thinking of giving the bag to my fashionista tween niece who would have rocked it and loved it -- I wasn't sure if she would take good care of it! DOH.
  3. I just read the part where she said she had cancer??
    Why would you lie about something like that????
    WTF is wronnnnnggg with people. I can't take it :sad:
  4. This has been said already in this thread but-
    she's a nutjob
    i hope you don't let her bully you

    even though it might be easier to give into her crazytown tactics if you follow through with eBay's dispute resolution you should be able to have any vile negative feedback removed. that to me would be the number one reason to deal with the mess rather than caving. you're concerned about your eBay reputation and don't want it tarnished from having dealt with her.

    i hope you can let go of as much stress as possible about the whole transaction. i mean really just let go of it and go through the motions of addressing ebay's requirements for dispute resolutions to reach a successful outcome. i don't know you and can't vouch for anything about you except aside from sounding broken up by the destruction of a lovely object you are entirely rational, reasonable and CALM. That will come through to the ebay reps as clearly as it comes through to everyone here and crazy lady is doing a fine job of showing her own personality. For your own sanity please don't invest more of your own energy into this, don't let her make you as nutso as she is.
    On a personal note i have a chronic health problem as well and it's whackjobs like this who make it more likely for people who don't know me to question my honesty if it comes up online. i would hate to see her profit from such horrid behavior.
    best of luck with keeping your sanity and your calm on your scenic journey through crazy town ;)
  5. Seeing how crazy this buyer is and how labile her emails to you ... she'll probably leave a negative with the comment "Best seller, sorry I ruined the bag."
  6. I'm not buying that it was an accident, that she sliced into the bag as she opened the box. The tissue paper would be cut too. She did it intentionally I bet! I think it may be better for repair that it was a clean cut, at least the edges will come together nicely.

    That's my very unprofessional opinion :smile: Good luck OP. I wouldn't back down and if she does neg you, maybe you can appeal it and get it removed.
  7. Unfortunately, is this person leaves a neg, you'll probably be stuck with it unless her comment contains verbiage that violates ebay policy.

    Sadly, ebay considers feedback to be the "opinion" of the person leaving it and even if it contains a lie, they rarely remove it without a court order.

    But even if you get negged over this, respond professionally and factually and wear that neg as a badge of honor.
  8. this is a pathetic buyer....put it in perspective from who it is coming from...
    and if your feedback is positive potential buyers will read between the lines...
  9. I've had a neg removed before, but that's when sellers were allowed to leave negs. I left the buyer a neg, they retaliated, we then got them removed. I hate eBay now.
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    Thank you everyone, it's been really stressful - and a reminder to me to put up one of those "never wrestle with a pig" posters by my desk.

    I do keep running it all over and over in my mind -- and it all come back to crazy.

    What keeps hitting me is that this went down in the space of +/- one week -- from the time she hit "BUY" -- all of the wacky shenanigans -- this was all in such a short period of time! And it's been so unlike most people I deal with, even those that do have some sort of issue with their purchase. This person seems very accustomed to dealing with eBay sellers this way. I think her good feedback may reflect a whole lot of bullying, her purchases tend to be under $100, so the seller probably just says "whatever, it's only $XX bucks, anything to get this psycho to buzz off".

    From the start - with the canceling the order / then demanding that I ship / then demanding a refund - I felt like I was being connned somehow. But I still can't figure out exactly what the point was.. money laundering?

    If she negs me, I will respond professionally (and will utilize any suggestions posted here) - I know I will see red, but will try to file it under "eBay nutjob".
  11. :roflmfao: ... I'm waiting for it, seriously.
    I already have a hall of fame for worst Positives -- for example (loosely quoting):
    'A++++ I decided to keep this item after all.'
    'Perfect item, fast ship, great seller, didn't come with accessories shown, but that's okay' ( -- said 'accessories' were ruler and scale noted in listing as being there for size reference only)

  12. Oh gosh, these are funny! :biggrin: I love your avatar, by the way!
  13. I agree, I love the avatar. Please keep us updated. OP, do you mind if I ask what kind of bag it was? This is very upsetting. It makes me want to not sell on ebay. Too much stress these days.

  14. your avatar says it best.. keep calm & carry on..

    your feedback speaks for itself & wouldn't let a possible
    neg spoil it all for you... potential buyers do read between
    the lines and consider the source for leaving the feedback..
    you'll be fine... you have put everything in perspective with
    a sense of humor...
  15. Wow............. that's utter horror. I'm so sorry to hear that. I guess she thought that was her only viable option of getting a refund, blaming it on you? Karma will get her.